Jeff Tritten

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Chef Jeff Tritten is a long time restaurateur. He is a former restaurant owner, and has managed several large banquet and catering food operations. In his most recent restaurant endeavor, Jeff was the co-owner of Smoke BBQ in Saline MI.

Over the course of 5 years, he gained over 130 lbs and was suffering from severe edema (swelling of the extremities), sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, severe arthritis, and hypokalemia (a low potassium medical condition that causes seizures). After being hospitalized due to severe abdominal pain which was most likely caused by the 2100mg of daily ibuprofen and an additional anti-inflammatory he was prescribed, he decided to take his health into his own hands. Upon release from the hospital with prescriptions for even more medications, and upon the advice of a plant based relative that told him that 'food is medicine, do the research', Jeff quit ALL of his medications and began a mostly plant based diet.

In 3 months, he lost 80 lbs., got rid of his high blood pressure, edema, sleep apnea, and pre-diabetes. After watching Forks Over Knives a few months later, he ditched dairy and eggs, and has now lost over 140 lbs., his cholesterol has normalized, he no longer has seizures, and his arthritis and joint pain is minimal.

Jeff is a passionate plant based diet advocate. He has personally seen the massive results of not consuming animal products, and has coached many others in their journey to good health. In the process, he has created many plant based recipes in order to help others on their journey toward good health.

Jeff currently owns the blog 'Respectful Living', and spends his time creating recipes, writing plant based nutritional information articles, being a small group leader for Plant Based Nutrition Support Group,, bringing plant based nutritional information to his local community at their farmers market and senior center, and creating a healthy vegan snack line.

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