Shannon Farrell, Cardiac Rehabiltation Nurse:

I'm a very basic eater, lol! I keep it as simple as possible due to time issues with all of my outside-of-work activities. I batch cook every Sunday for the entire week for all of my meals, and place them in ball jars so they stay fresh. Every morning, I grab three out of the refrigerator and place them in my lunch bag with freezer packs. My lunch container is the size of a medium tote bag.

Breakfasts are refrigerator oatmeals that vary from week to week. I use an oatmeal blend of old fashioned and steel cut oats, with quinoa. I mix the fruit up every week between bananas, berries, pumpkin, mango, pineapple, cherries, etc. 

This week, I'm mixing sweet potatoes and banana with cinnamon in my blend, and I'm loving it. I add flax, hemp, and chia seeds. I'm trying some savory mixes in my rotations, and adding some greens in them as well. 

I eat a lot of fruit! I once could not tolerate any fruit with my illness, I had intense allergic reactions to most fruit. Once I went plant based for three months, I started adding fruit back in my allergist’s office and I can now eat most fruit. So, I eat a lot! Today, I had two oranges, an apple, pineapple, grapes, and a banana. 

Lunches are usually a salad in a jar with quinoa, beans, greens, and a medley of cut up veggies. I rarely use a salad dressing, I went through a program when I was younger with a dietician and she taught me how to eat foods in their natural state, so I rarely eat salad dressing.

I cook/eat a lot of soups! Lately, I'm loving squash soup and I love trying all the different kinds. I bake my squash Whole, then purée it. I add almond milk to thin it and add various spices. I love a spice from Penzey’s Spices called the Now Curry, it is so delicious.

I eat a lot of potatoes of all kinds and use recipes from McDougall. I eat potatoes and sweet potatoes almost every day. I love purple sweet potatoes, I can't get enough of them.

Today, I tried a recipe from Will at Potato Strong called Scalloped Potatoes in Cheeze Sauce. I love it. 

I snack on banana nice cream and make it so many different ways. 

I eat cooked greens every day with balsamic vinegar. I like Meema and Pa's brand online. So many cool flavors, Anne Esselstyn told me about that brand and it's the only way I roll now. 

I'm currently avoiding tomatoes of all kinds, I have joint pain with those and eggplant. I don't eat gluten, I took it out when I transitioned and anytime I touch it, I have horrible joint pain, brain fog, and intestinal issues. 

I love stir fries, a white bean chili I make with veggie broth, a cauliflower soup, lentil loaf, roasted veggies, summer rolls, etc.

I only drink water, black coffee, green tea, hibiscus tea, and other herbal teas with no added sugar. I'm working on cutting coffee out completely, I'm very close. I'm currently alcohol free. I react to most alcohols terribly and it's just not worth it for me.