What Do We Eat?

One of the biggest misconceptions or fears about the Whole Food, Plant-Based lifestyle is that we are so limited as to what we can eat. With this section, we hope to showcase how much of a wide variety of foods we DO eat!  Featured below are examples of weekly meal plans from many different people involved with PBNSG, with a variety of lifestyles, careers, schedules, and budgets.  A few things to keep in mind as you read through them:

1.  Everyone is different.  Some people, for various reasons, prefer to stick to a regimen or eat the same types of foods repeatedly.  Some people prefer to cook less and just stick to simple, go-to meals.  Other people prefer a vast variety of different foods, and like to try cooking new things.  We have provided examples of everything, and you can determine what works best for you. 

2. We're all in different places in terms of the spectrum of plant-based eating. 

Many people, like Paul Chatlin, Dr. Joel Kahn, or those with heart disease or family history of it, stick to a low-fat, no oil, plant-perfect diet. This is the optimal, recommended way to eat for people recovering from heart disease and many other chronic diseases. People who eat plant-perfect avoid animal products (meat, dairy, and eggs), as well as oil, and foods that are higher in fat like nuts, avocado, etc.   

Other people have whole food, plant-based diets as well, but choose to incorporate avocado, nuts, certain foods that may contain small amounts of oil, etc. This page features real-life examples of what eating plant-based means to various people, while still moving forward together on the path to better health and disease prevention!