Bill Moore - PBNSG Member

Last week I returned from a Ski Trip to Colorado with my kids and I was asked how i managed to eat Plant Based and if I could share my story.

In preparation I cooked a batch of beans and rice in my Insta-Pot (Brown Rice, Black & Pinto Beans, Low Sodium Rotel and Vegetable Broth along with seasonings) I let it cool, placed it in a large Zip Lock bag and packed it into my checked bag. I also purchased Whole Grain Tortillas to wrap these with. As we packed our lunches for the slopes daily I would prepare the boys sandwiches and place in plastic sandwich containers as well as the Rice and Bean Wraps in a container. These would all get packed into a Backpack and carried up the Mountain in the morning and hung on a tree or ski rack near a chosen lunch venue. This proved to be a common occurrence as many others packed lunches as well. There was always condiments as well like hot sauce available.

Traveling with my 18 & 21 year olds along with a friend they always seem to be hungry. Therefore shortly after we arrived in Denver we visited Costco to purchase some lift tickets I also purchased some Pizzas for our road trip into the mountains and as immediate leftovers for the refrigerator.

Here is a picture of my Veggie Pizza (no cheese).







Our morning breakfast was always on the move so we all had my favorite Oatmeal with powdered Peanut Butter Protein, Dried Cherries, Almonds and some Steel Cut Oats.








One of the highlights was finding this Veggie tray with hummus in the terminal as we waited to board our return flight, all for less than $5.









We were able to find numerous items that were plant based without oil at local restaurants like the Veggie Sandwich below and a homemade Black Bean Burger we found at a local brewery.

All in all, the diet was a non issue with just a little bit of planning needed.