Rick Coogan

Rick is a retiree from Ford, a full-time Grandpa, and serves on 3 city commissions. 

Breakfast (daily): I make steel cut oats almost every day and I add walnuts, ground flax seed, and an array of organic fruit (strawberies, blueberries, rasberies, bananas, apples...whatever I can find that is seasonal and organic). Then, I top it off with almond or soy milk with cinnamon and ginger.

For a quick meal, I have an organic soup from a can or box and I add whatever greens I have available (Kale, usually). I also add tomatoes, turmeric, curry, hot sauce, mustard, whatever I feel like adding to make it tasty, yet still remain healthy.

I usually make a large batch of soup or chili and I’ll freeze leftovers for a later day. I also keep homemade hummus available most of the time for snacking throughout the day on carrots, celery, etc.

I also eat veggie sandwiches on Ezekiel bread for another quick meal.