Happy New Year!!! A Resolution Worth Keeping.

    Happy 2016 everyone! What a great time for making a decision to improve your health. I made my resolution to change my life 2 years and 1 day ago. It was so easy and so rewarding that I want to share the experience with anyone who will listen. As you may have guessed, I'm completely plant based whole foods now. I've reached my major goal of weight loss. My waist went from 44 to 32. I'm 60 years old now and my waist is where it was when I was 18.  

     I think I have a form of body dysmorphia. When I was 274 lbs, I didn't see myself in the mirror as fat. Now at 180 lbs, I don't see myself as thin. That means I have to depend on my scale and how tight or loose my clothes fit. It seems to be working. As long as I keep eating completely plant based with no added oil and just a handful of nuts a few times a week, my weight remains stable + or - 5 lbs. When it goes up a little, I usually know why and make adjustments. 

     Seriously. If you are reading this, you have to be at least curious if not already committed to improving your health through your food. Since you can't out exercise a bad diet and you didn't have the long term success you were hoping for with the diets you have tried in the past it's time to move forward. The recipes are delicious! I just came up with a Macaroni and Cheese recipe that's terrific! The recipe with pictures is on my blog.

     Heart disease, Obesity, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure problems respond so quickly to this simple change in eating that within a month you will notice a significant difference. Anyone can do this. It's cheaper than meat and very easy to maintain long term. Try it for a month. It will be much easier than you imagine. The only one that can make a difference for you is you!