Yes, I said "cold turkey"

Last week, I did a survey asking my readers what their thoughts were on the best way of transitioning to a whole foods plant-based or Vegan diet.  Is it best to do it gradually or just do it? The overwhelming majority from the group that have stuck with it for a year or more did it, excuse the expression, "Cold Turkey".  That's what I did and it really wasn't all that traumatic. I had done some reading prior to making my decision by following my friend Joel Kahn, M.D. on his blog and Facebook pages.  After reading his information daily about the effects of food on my cardiovascular system for about 3 months, my mindset had changed. I went from thinking "This is something that I could NEVER do" to deciding "this is something that I HAVE to do!" Once my mind was made up, I set a date and just did it.  That was January 1, 2014 when I weighed 274 lbs, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol with back pain, shoulder pain and knee pain.

It's now June 18, 2015. My weight is 189 lbs, my blood pressure is 112/72, my total cholesterol is 139 and I have no pain anywhere! This is fantastic! No more medicine for any of that and I can even walk fast, jog, ride a bike and go up and down stairs without feeling winded. I'm playing golf with no shoulder or back pain either.  I still suck at it, but I'm playing and happy! 

"Food is for health, Medicine is to treat sickness."  Ask your Doctor for help, but don't rely on him to make you healthy by himself.  He just can't do it without your help!  Do your reading. Make up your mind and set a date.  Mine was a New Year's resolution that I actually was able to keep!  Don't wait until you have no choice. Make an effort to prevent that heart attack, avoid that stroke, protect yourself from Diabetes by simply eating right. You choose what you put in your mouth. Do some reading and get started.  By reading this you've already taken the first step.  Now is the time to keep going!  Join us at our monthly PBNSG support group next Wednesday and find out more. 

Dr. Allan Kalmus