Finding my voice...

Above is a before picture as a Carnivore and my after picture as a Vegivore.  My great niece got bigger and I got smaller. It's dramatic to see the difference! I feel really good! After looking at my pictures, my wife and daughter had curiously-similar answers...

You used to eat all the time.
— My daughter
You still eat all the time.
— My wife

The amount of food I eat has gone up, not down.  I just don't eat meat of any kind and very little oil. 

Drs Kahn and Kalmus

I recently was asked by Paul to volunteer and share my story with a wider audience.  I get to write articles about weight management, contribute recipes, and speak to his ever-growing group of plant-based members. The last time I spoke in public was 1972. Up until now, I didn't really have anything to say! I still don't think I have much to say, but I am so grateful to my old friend, Dr. Joel Kahn, and to Paul for his encouragement that I've agreed to share my story.  I was convinced that changing to a Vegan lifestyle was the smart thing to do BEFORE developing any severe health problems.  Listening to a group of very smart people helped convince me.  I'm hoping by example I can get a few more people to see the difference plant-based eating can make for them and look forward to answering any questions regarding plant-based weight loss along the way.

You can do this!

You can do this!