Want To Thrive?

Ask the Expert!

Want to have..

  • a powerhouse immune system?

  • mental clarity?

  • less aches and pains?

  • clear glowing skin?

  • faster exercise recovery?

  • better mood and energy?


It all started…

In 2015, at age 22, Katherine was suffering with acne. She had recently returned from a 10-day yoga immersion training in Chennai, India. While there, Katherine listened to an Ayurveda professional that changed her perspective on the body’s innate ability to heal. Instead of using harsh topical creams, hormones and/or antibiotics, as she had done in the past, Katherine was determined to find the cause of her skin imperfections. This led her to learning that a plant based diet could heal her skin. Katherine worked with Maria Marlowe an Integrative Nutritionist in New York City through a clear skin acne trail which focused on healing through a plant based diet. The results spoke for themselves. Katherine then decided to get certified in Plant Based Nutrition through T. Colin Campbell’s eCornell course.

Who are you working with?

Katherine Palms

Katherine graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and focus in Public Health from Denison University. She currently serves as a Grantmaking Associate at the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation in Traverse City, Michigan and a Yoga and Barre Instructor at Yen Yoga and Fitness!

By going plant based and continuously improving her dietary habits, Katherine has found the benefits to be increasingly amazing!

Clear Skin and an awareness to see how what she eats influences certain areas on her face

Enhanced mental/emotional Clarity

Better meditation/breath awareness

Decreased PMS Pain and Symptoms

Increased energy and sense of purpose

Increased compassion

Increased optimistic thoughts

Quicker healing and sustained chiropractic adjustments