You down with WFP? (yeah you know me...)

Austin, Texas: January 14, 2014:  In the pre dawn darkness we planted our first garden. Screech, our black Scion XB, worldly possessions tightly packed inside, idled patiently in the street as we lovingly planted the multi colored rocks from Lake Superior around the base of a tree near our now empty apartment.  The circle complete, we climbed into Screech, exchanged the usual pre trip kiss and “I Love You,” slipped the car into Drive and chased the Wanderlust in our hearts. 

Born & raised in Metro Detroit, Michigan, we fell in love in 2003 and moved to Austin, Texas in 2007.  In October 2011, we watched Forks Over Knives, an experience which immediately changed our lives.  We stopped eating meat and dairy cold turkey.  After one month, we lost weight, had increased energy, and generally felt a whole heck of a lot better. 

Erica’s GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease), leaving her doubled over in pain after most meals, disappeared.  Matt, with a history of family heart disease, was empowered by the knowledge that heart disease is preventable & reversible! Three and a half years later, we live a Plant-Based Existence using the 90/10 rule: 90% of our diet from whole foods, the other 10% reserved for ‘other’ foods.  Not kicking ourselves over an occasional piece of cheese or chocolate, the 90/10 rule keeps us feeling top notch!

2014 was filled with exploration and new adventures! Traveling in a GMC Savana, named Pocahontas, our Wanderlust led to living and working on organic farms in Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado and California.  A newly found, deep connection with food fueled a passion for knowing where our food comes from and what is in the foods we eat.  During our travels between farm stays, finding REAL food at gas station ‘food’ marts, convenience stores and traditional grocery stores was a challenge.  These outlets did not offer the high quality, fresh REAL food we grew accustomed to eating, or really anything without added sugar, salt and fat.  

This food frustration inspired us to create the Wandering Food Pharm (WFP), a Plant-based Vehicle delivering food as medicine.  Equal parts action, activism, and knowledge, the WFP will empower consumers to make conscious food choices within an unconscious food system.  

The Savana & the Zinger aka 'WFP wheels'

The Savana & the Zinger aka 'WFP wheels'

In this column, you’ll ride shotgun with the WFP to deliver Plant Based food as medicine to schools, institutions, and communities across the United States.  We welcome you to vicariously participate in the food adventures sure to come!  Selling food knowledge and empowerment, we offer no magic oil or pill promising health.  Rather, we offer the entire food truth within a food system filled with half truths and designed for profit instead of human health.  

Thank you to Paul and the PBNSG for the opportunity to share our food adventures!  Support groups like this are beacons of light to navigate consciousness & consumer demand from processed foods, which cause sickness, to whole foods, which heal sickness!  

Your Plant Based Forks on the Road,

Matt & Erica Nieszop, aka the



Matt & Erica are Plant Based Advocates, FoodTerventionists, & Writers. Always seeking new adventures, they encourage your suggestions on where to wander next! Email if you know of a Plant Based farm, festival, or business that deserves a visit!