It’s the food!
— Dr. John McDougall

Dr. McDougall, a hero in the plant based world, hits the nail on the head. The food of the Standard American Diet (SAD) has a negative effect on human health. Meat, dairy, and processed foods are seductive and have created millions of food addicts.     

What is the solution to the modern food addiction? Well, it’s the food! Living a life free of animal products and consuming real food, plant based food- potatoes, beans, legumes, fruits & vegetables- will heal us with less cost and fewer side effects than pills and procedures.  



However, there is a ‘recovery’ period from the Standard American Diet. The first 1-4 weeks when transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle can involve short-term discomfort as the body weans from salt, sugar, and fat.  This is the withdrawal period.  As healing occurs, your taste buds reset, the body recalibrates and the pain dissipates.  

Part of the Wandering Food Pharm’s mission is to be a resource during this recalibration period via a “Foodtervention,” a guided transition from the Standard American Diet to a plant-based lifestyle.  

We conducted a trial Foodtervention, which consisted of plant-based meal preparation, grocery store guidance that included assistance reading labels with an intro to the bulk section, and education during meal times via discussions about the current food system regarding where our food comes from, what is in it, or sprayed on it.  

For the first trial Foodtervention, Erica’s parents volunteered to be our ‘guinea pigs.’ Mom & Dad S. are in their 60’s and consumed the typical Standard American Diet full of meat, dairy, and processed foods.  They were relatively healthy, meaning they didn’t take medications and had no known health issues; however, they would be considered overweight.  Their resistance to a plant-based lifestyle during the first few days was to be expected but after just one short week they made huge strides!  They greatly reduced the amount of meat, dairy, and processed foods they consumed and sought out plant-based recipes (or modifying old family recipes to make exclude meat and dairy) to prepare on their own.  They also read labels at the grocery store and even passed up buying a product just because they had a coupon upon further inspection of the ingredients in that product - we couldn’t have been more proud of them!  

Mom & Dad WFP

Mom & Dad WFP

Fast forward 10 weeks and the ‘guinea pigs’ are still plant-based the majority of the time with great results.  They have oatmeal most mornings, typically skip the meat & dairy aisles, and prepare plant-based meals nearly every night.  Both have lost weight, report that their clothes fit differently, and they look 5-10 years younger!  They are now truly empowered and are spreading their new-found food knowledge onto their family and friends.  This is the exact ripple effect of food consciousness that we envisioned the Wandering Food Pharm to provide. Way to go, Mom & Dad!  

Not claiming to be fancy professional chefs or licensed medical professionals, we are simpletons who are passionate about spreading plant based food knowledge within a confusing and unconscious food system. With a Foodtervention, you receive the information, tools, and skills to continue plant based living long after we drive off into the sunset.  You become informed and are shown how to make delicious plant based meals with whole ingredients.  Then it’s up to you to make the choice for your personal health; it’s an individual journey, we can’t “do” anything for you.  What we can do, and love to do, is help people look and feel their best without pills or procedures.  To find out more about the Foodtervention with Erica’s parents, visit our website.

Folks, it can be intimidating changing the way you eat and live, downright scary for some. The power lies in knowing life without meat, dairy, and oil is not only possible, it’s WONDERFUL.  One major side effect of not eating dairy:  having to buy new clothes as the weight drops off!

Your Plant-Based Forks on the Road,

Matt & Erica, aka the Wandering Food Pharm



Matt & Erica are Plant Based Advocates, FoodTerventionists, & Writers. Always seeking new adventures, they encourage your suggestions on where to wander next! Email if you know of a Plant Based farm, festival, or business that deserves a visit!