Transition 101 Classes

Are you new to plant-based eating, struggling to make the change or need a review? Come to PBNSG’s most popular introductory class where you’ll get key information, great ideas, and new resources for a whole food, plant-based lifestyle! Learn about...

  • The pitfalls of the Standard American Diet
  • Where to begin with plant-based eating
  • Oil free cooking
  • Stocking your pantry, spices and refrigerator
  • Label reading

Advanced Transition: Batch Cooking

Enjoy a cooking demonstration and taste food samples as you learn ways to save time and money with batch cooking and menu planning plant-based meals.

  • Learn how to expand one recipe to make several different dishes.
  • Use new techniques to label, date, freeze, thaw and reheat foods.
  • Take several recipes home to get started right away

Pre-registration is required to guarantee a seat!

Creating Delicious Heart Healthy Foods With The Instant Pot

In this class PBNSG chefs will demonstrate how to use an Instant Pot while they cook a variety of recipes. Learn how to use this versatile kitchen counter appliance to steam, sauté, and pressure cook foods. The Instant Pot is also a slow cooker and can even be used to make plant-based yogurt!

Sample tasty dishes and take home some great ideas! Seating is limited!

Plant-Based Menu Planning: Where Do I begin?

Does it feel overwhelming to cook plant-based foods? Are you wondering how you will ever do this on a daily basis? In this class the PBNSG culinary team and chefs will demonstrate:

  • Creating a plant-based meal and where to find recipes.
  • Using menu planning and simple dishes when time is tight.
  • You will make a personalized week long menu in class to take home. 

This is the class to get you out of the kitchen fast. Tickets are limited and preregistration is necessary to guarantee a seat.


No Classes scheduled at this time! Classes will begin soon!