Transition 101 Classes

Are you new to plant-based eating, struggling to make the change or need a review? Come to PBNSG’s most popular introductory class where you’ll get key information, great ideas, and new resources for a whole food, plant-based lifestyle! Learn about...

  • The pitfalls of the Standard American Diet
  • Where to begin
  • Oil free cooking
  • Stocking your pantry, spices and refrigerator
  • Label reading
  • Resources supporting plant-based nutrition

Pre-registration is required to guarantee a seat.


Advanced Transition: Batch Cooking

Enjoy a cooking demonstration and taste food samples as you learn ways to save time and money with batch cooking and menu planning plant-based meals.

  • Learn how to expand one recipe to make several different dishes.
  • Use new techniques to label, date, freeze, thaw and reheat foods.
  • Take several recipes home to get started right away

Pre-registration is required to guarantee a seat.


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