Andy Larson

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In 2012 I was 290 pounds (I'm 5 foot 8), in poor health and unhappy. I was an out of control food addict consuming lots of ice cream and fast food and other junk foods. My wife learned about green smoothies and started making them for us. Next she insisted I watch the movie, “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead”, which greatly influenced and motivated me. I then started on Weight Watchers and did that for about a year and a half. I realized that rather than trying to eat food in moderation I should start eliminating it entirely. I started with sugar and steadily began eliminating other foods that were standing in the way of me achieving a healthy body weight. At some point early on in my journey I saw a PBS special with Dr. Joel Fuhrman that really resonated with me so I began following him on Youtube and eventually read his book Eat to Live. I also followed many of the other plant-based doctors and dieticians. Everything I did was gradual. Towards the end I did some juice fasting to lose the reminder of my weight and also end the last of my food addictions. It took me 5 years to completely transform and lose 130 pounds. I maintain my weight loss and good health by eating a whole food plant-based diet with no oil or added sugar, and I eat a low amount of salt. I also quit eating dairy and more than 90% of my calories come from plant foods. I prepare all my own meals at home and stopped eating at restaurants. I eat no candy, fast food or anything like that. I believe in abstinence rather than moderation so I don't eat cake even on my birthday. I eat well everyday. If one were to label my eating style they could call me a Nutritarian with a bit of McDougall thrown in because I love potatoes. I reversed sleep apnea, depression, GERD, hemorrhoids and fall allergies among other things. I was becoming insulin resistant at the time but never given the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes but I was heading down that road towards metabolic syndrome. They were always  wanting to do blood tests at the doctor because of my alarming weight gain. My numbers for cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure are all excellent now. I take zero prescription medications and am in the best health of my life and I am very close to the size I was in high school. I am passionate about nutrition and am active on social media telling my story and spreading the message that people can overcome disease and live longer and happier lives simply by eating healthy.