Jim Balla "Thank you: Starch Solution and Dr. John McDougall."


Thank you: Starch Solution and Dr. John McDougall. You not only saved my life with your YouTube videos, you gave me the tools I needed to implement a healthful, fit, and active new life. The first 140 lbs. came off in 9 months, and then the weight loss slowed to 5 lbs. per month. I lost a total of 164 lbs. half my body weight in 13 months. I have been maintaining that weight for the last 7 months. I had so much energy after 6 months I started walking the dog. I still walk 4 miles a day. I reversed my Diabetes in 2 weeks and my cholesterol went from 340 on meds to 134 with no meds in 3 months. High Blood Pressure for 20 years on meds was 160/90, now 112/68 with no meds. Arthritis is now completely gone as well as many more health complaints. I was off 8 of the 9 medications within the first 3 months. I still take thyroid meds but the dose was cut in half. This was the easiest thing I ever did. I will never be overweight and unhealthy again. Thanks again Dr. John McDougall.