Kevin Rubin

HI, my name is Kevin Rubin, I own a small business in Toledo Oh. My wife recently changed jobs to a large corporation, who for health insurance reasons, paid to have us get blood tests done and send them to our family physician. So, i went through the ordeal and 1 week later I received a call from him. 

I have been heavy for a majority of the last 15 years. I was successful on the Atkins diet for a time, but after researching it more, stopped it, based concerns of health vs weight loss. So, i went to my regular habits of Hot Wings and Beer for sports, pizza and cheeseburgers during the week, etc.

So, back to the call, my DR called and told me to come in and see him, meanwhile, he sent 2 prescriptions to the pharmacy for me, and i was to start them immediately  So i did, i soon figured out that they were for diabetics. Now, my mother has diabetes, but i never thought I'd get it. So, i went to see my Dr. He came in, sat down and said "I'm going to run 2 scenarios by you, and i want you to choose which path you're most comfortable with, and then i'll give you my opinion."

"Path #1" He said, pointing to his counter with 5 medication bottles and a blood test kit "would be to do what everyone else is prescribing and doing, and that is to attempt to manage your condition with medication and blood tests." I said "What condition?" He said "Kevin you're diabetic." Crap! I cant believe it, after all my hard work of eating whatever i wanted and not exercising, this happens? How is that fair? I said "Ok...whats Path #2?"

"Path #2" He said. "You simply stay on the 2 prescriptions i gave you and meanwhile watch a video on Netflix called Forks Over Knifes. If you agree with the video, then call me and I have a book for you to read next>" 

So i watched it with my wife and called him back and he said to read "The Engine 2 Diet by Rip". So i read it and agreed to go down path #2. 

Lets fast forward 3 1/2 months to Monday, Feb. 23rd 2015.  I went in to see my Dr. I was down 26 lbs. I was in communication with my Dr. and saw him every 30 days until this visit. He had me do blood work. These numbers I'm about to share with you are mind staggering. They are accurate and I have the printed reports to prove it.

My numbers were as follows:
A1C (Blood sugar level)              12.7% down to 5.6%
Cholesterol:                                 653 down to 245
Triglycerides:                               10,000 down to 481

Now, Cholesterol and Triglycerides are still very high, but no where near as septic as they were. You saw the numbers right. Trig. 10,000. I was a heart attack waiting to happen, but never knew it.

My Dr. said he'd never seen such a dramatic drop in A1C is 24 years of practicing medecine. He's actually whiting my info out and using the report to show his partners, who call him the mad scientist for prescribing Plant Strong vs. medication. 

My Dr. really got to me when he said the following: "Kevin, do you know what it's like to go into work every day and fail? well, that's what medicine is. I'm helping people manage their disease, but im not curing anyone. Pharmaceutical companies are getting rich, people are staying sick. Kevin, by doing what you did, you are no longer in the diabetes danger zone, and as you continue, to lose weight, your other numbers will continue to come down. You've effectively reversed Diabetes in 14 weeks." 

To be safe I'm still taking half dose of diabetes medicine for a bit. But essentially, I'm out of the danger zone with blood sugar. And my Cholesterol and Triglycerides are the lowest they've been in years and still dropping.

You know, you read stuff, listen to people who give success stories, and say, wow, thats gotta be 1 in 1000, but in just 14 weeks, Plant Based life style reversed my diabetes and probably saved my life. It gets easier, people just need to stick to it. I'm a believer now.

Thanks for listening, I hope someone finds this inspirational.