Cheryl Starks

My transition from vegetarian to total plant-based eating has given me a new lease on life. I am a survivor of 2 heart attacks and a triple bypass – all before the age of 47. My doctors told me they did not have a reason for my heart related incidents because at the time I was extremely active, in great shape, non-smoker, non- drinker – all the good stuff. I followed their low fat, meat based diet after the 2nd heart attack – the first was classified as a silent heart attack.  One year later I was back in the hospital in need of a triple bypass. I asked for answers because I had done everything they asked. Unfortunately, all of the doctors available at that time were not willing to entertain the option of plant-based dietary changes.

I started gaining weight because my physical activity was limited. I went on a personal crusade to find a solution to my heart issues. I stopped eating meat and poultry in 2009. I wondered why my cholesterol did not drop. I found so much information and sources and although they were extremely different they had one main factor in common – plant-based diets lead to healthy living. I ran across Dr. Joel Kahn while attending the VegFest in Novi, MI. He was the first doctor I had ever heard speak of food as a means toward better health. I went online and checked him out and I have been a patient of his ever since.

I found out there are good and bad vegetarian/vegan diet plans and some are presented as gimmicks. I mentioned to Dr. Kahn that I was running across a lot of resentment and criticism from others including medical professionals, co-workers, family and friends. He introduced me to the PBNSG. I am proud to say I have been eating 100% plant-based for 1 year now and I feel so much energy and I have started to lose weight, my skin is clearer, I am looking forward to my next blood test results.

PBNSG has made me a more informed consumer and patient. I have learned to pay closer attention to my body and I currently have doctors that suggest nutritional changes instead of prescribing medications. 8 years ago I was on a medical regiment which included 16 pills/daily, and now I only take 3 pills/daily. My goal is to be completely free of all prescribed medication.

I will continue to provide information to my family in order to possibly change their viewpoint on food consumption.

Each day I am filled with gratitude.