Southfield (American Sign Language) Small Group


We would love to have you join us! If you are not currently a member of this small group, you can sign up now by clicking the button below! The host will reach out to you ASAP at the email address you provide with further details on attending!

Meet The Host!


Sandria (Sandy) Graham was born Deaf and uses American Sign Language to communicate. She became a vegetarian for the four years after joining a healthy food co-op in North Carolina. However, she gave up vegetarian and became flexitarian diet for 27 years. She has eaten a Whole Foods Plant Based diet since April 15, 2010. She continued her interest in health and nutrition; she pursued further education in those fields. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in dietetic studies from Madonna University.  She has also earned a Certificate of Plant Based Nutrition through Cornell University from T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. Sandy enjoys spending her time reading about Plant Based Nutrition, attending Plant Based Nutrition meetings and events. Currently she works as a nutrition community instructor. Sandy's goal is to see people achieve healthier lifestyles by changing their eating habits, a greater awareness of environmental issues and a more humane caring of animals.

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