Sola Fitness Rochester Hills Small Group

As always, there were plenty of WFPB dishes at our Sola small group meeting on September 10, 2018 (as you can see in the photo). There were 21 participants. The host Kelly distributed articles on and discussed "protein myths and truths" and "dangers of fat." Another topic discussed was the importance of an overall dietary pattern that emphasizes whole plant foods, and not focusing on one single item. 

Please note that Sola Life & Fitness is changing its name to Beaumont Health Club, moving forward. 

Sola Fitness Rochester Hills Small Group

There were a total of 21 participants (including the host Kelly) at the small group meeting at Sola Life & Fitness on August 6. Seven of them were attending for the first time! As always, there was food: beefless stew, lentil tabbouleh, kale salad, green salad, fruit, bread, b"raw"nies, and "nice" cream! Kelly's colleague and friend Rachelle did a mini demo on how to make chocolate nice cream! A registered dietitian who promotes plant-based nutrition also attended. The evening's conversation revolved around the topics of reductionism in nutrition science versus wholism, what to say when people ask "Where do you get your protein"?, etc. 


Sola Fitness Rochester Hills Small Group

There were 20 participants, 7 of whom were attending for the first time! We went around the room to introduce ourselves and shared our stories as well as cooking and other practical tips for transitioning to a whole food plant-based lifestyle. For example, one member shared her journey of reversing many of the illnesses that had almost ended her life a few years ago and regaining her health and new found energy through plant-based nutrition. One member shared her routine of prepping large amounts of food over the weekend. As always, there was plenty of yummy plant-based food! We have seasoned regulars who have been attending for the last two years, and we have new attendees. Anyone who is interested in plant-based nutrition is welcome!     


Sola Fitness Rochester Hill Small Group

We had a community Buddha bowl, and many of our regular and new members brought dishes to share: brown rice, lentil loaf, grilled carrots and onions, roasted sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans (with different flavors), grilled tofu, steamed vegetables (zucchini, collard greens, and broccoli), mango chutney, bitter melon salad, wakame seaweed, raw veggies and hummus, fruit, and cookies! It was a feast! The members liked the idea of community Buddha bowl and suggested that we continue every month. The host Kelly had created a quiz on nutrition-related topics and went over each question as members asked questions and discussed the topic further.  We had a great time with great food!   

The Sola group is growing, and we always have room for new members!