Dearborn Small Group

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We had such an enjoyable meeting last Wednesday, May 15th. The focus that our group centered on was heart disease and diabetes, and personal testimonies really helped the discussion.  But what really made it special was that it felt like an intimate evening with good friends. The food was really wonderful, with soups, two different kinds of asparagus dishes (it's in season right now, and it was awesome), corn muffins, baked pita chips and really great tasting guacamole, among the tasty fare (I'm sure I'm forgetting some of what was brought). The sharing (and caring) was so respectful and helpful, that I know why I love, and look forward to this night, every month.


We talked about turmeric and how it helps with so many ailments;  like arthritis, since this was a concern for a couple of us. We watched 2 different short videos by Dr. Michael Greger, and used his book, How Not To Die, as reference material, and came up with some good points for us to consider. How much turmeric should we eat daily (a quarter teaspoon). How to eat turmeric (cooked turmeric appears to offer better DNA protection and raw turmeric may have greater anti-inflammatory effects). Also adding pepper to turmeric significantly boosts the curcumin blood levels, which translates to better  healing properties of this  herb. A quarter teaspoon of dried turmeric recommendation translates into about a quarter inch of fresh turmeric root and can be used in smoothies,  or grated in  soups, etc., and the roots are about 2 inches long and cost around 10 cents each at an Asian market. Also consuming turmeric with soy may offer a double benefit for osteoarthritis sufferers. Dr. Greger also sees many downsides to taking turmeric or curcumin supplements, and those reasons can be found in his book, How Not To Die, pages 354-356. 


Two recipes for your enjoyment:


Mike and Karen's guacamole- Avocado mashed, finely diced red onion, frozen corn, diced fresh tomato, onion powder, garlic powder, dash of cayenne pepper, dash of hot sauce and lime juice (Karen left the quantities up to the maker)


Phyllis's Almond cookies- 2 cups finely ground almond flour, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder, 1/3 cup maple syrup, 2 teaspoons almond extract.

Mix dry ingredients together, then mix in the wet ones. preheat oven to 350 degrees. put  tablespoon sized, rounded batter onto parchment covered cookie sheet and put into oven for 12 minutes (or until edges are golden brown). Cool on baking sheet for 3 minutes, then place on rack to completely cool. IMPORTANT: cool baking sheet completely between batches. 

Hazelnut Version: Use Hazelnut flour, 1 teaspoon hazelnut extract, 1 tsp vanilla extract

Can also add chopped nuts, non-dairy chocolate, or dried fruit before baking



Dearborn Small Group


Hello everyone!  We had another special time of learning, laughter and great food at our small group gathering. We had 12 people attend, and there was a nice assortment of great food to sample, while we settled in and visited with one another.

Then we decided to watch the documentary, Cowspiracy, and had a lively discussion afterwards. Learning about the impact our standard American diet has on our health, environment and world, is quite sobering and gives us all more incentive to closely examine our food choices. 

I am very proud of how our group respects everyone's ideas and struggles, as we navigate through this lifestyle. Not everyone is at the same place, regarding plant-based, whole food eating, and many come to visit, to see what it's all about. That is where our group norms come into play. Everyone is to be respected and treated with kindness, no matter how they eat, or what they think. We are all on a journey and we are all at different places on that journey. It''s so exciting to see how so many have changed and grown, since we started this small group many years ago. It just keeps getting better and better!


Dearborn Small Group

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We had an excellent meeting, with great food and conversation. We were planning on showing a video called, Cowspiracy, but after our sharing, we didn't get the chance. We will plan on showing this documentary at our next meeting. It's the same person who was in What the Health documentary. 

Jim Balla told us about an amazing vegan cheese sauce, that he puts on everything (to quote Jim, if this sauce was on dirt, he would eat every bite)  The link to this recipe is: (you might need to copy and paste this link to get it to work for you.)


Dearborn Small Group


We had an enjoyable meeting last night, with our leader and friend, Paul Chatlin. He shared with us some exciting things coming to pbnsg next year, including a return of the Dr. Esselstyn. The bonus for us all is that he will be bringing his wife, Ann, and daughter Jane. If anyone has ever seen this mother and daughter team, you already know how enjoyable and funn!y these two are together.


Be sure to check the website from time to time, and watch for all the special events that will help us all choose a healthier lifestyle to live by. Whether its learning how to cook, shop and go to restaurants, while transitioning to this wonderful lifestyle. Also having the opportunity to seeing incredible speakers that will help us become motivated to embrace Plant-Based, Whole Foods.


Anne Normand brought a unique dish to our meeting and it was enjoyed by all (evidence of this, was the empty pot at the end of the night). These were moong beans from India, and can be found on Amazon at this link:


Phyllis unthank brought a healthy “Waldorf” salad with these ingredients; 3 Lg Delicious apples chopped, 4 ribs celery chopped, 1/2-3/4 cups chopped & toasted walnuts, 3/4-1 cup diced dates,& chunk or tidbit of pineapple in its own juice ( drained & save the juice ). Mix well & add pineapple juice to just moisten. Refrigerate. ( I added the nuts just before serving.)


I had my usual potato-bean-vegetable soup and there was so much more that was brought by Mike & Karen, Jim Balla, John Szabo and Stephanie Vail. Thanks for all the support, love and laughter to all of our friends who grace our home. We truly love hosting such a fine group of people!!


Our next meeting will be Wednesday, December 19th at Thai Vylai Restaurant at: 6555 Allen Rd., Allen Park (just south of Southfield Rd.) at 7:00pm. There phone # is 313-768-5324, if you have any questions for them.  Connie and I will be in Florida all of December and half of January (but for those who just want to see Gracie, she will be staying in our house with our neighbor, who moves in for the entire time we are gone) We hope to be home to host our pbnsg small group on January 16th. We will be so excited to see everyone, after such a long time without our fix of the best, healthiest people I know!!


With every bite you take, you are either feeding disease, or fighting it!


Dearborn Small Group

From the Host:

We had an excellent time at our meeting. I went over the Norms (Rules) of our group that included the utmost regard for all who enter our door. There would be no judgmental attitudes; Everyone is on their own journey to health at their own speed; there is no one way to do it!; no criticism allowed; one person talking at a time (no side conversations when someone is sharing); no politics or religion.

We then went around the room and shared our struggles (very important to let all know that we all have our struggles and if someone is new to this lifestyle, let them know they aren’t alone and we aren’t perfect). We also shared our successes and many recipes (attached in this email), along with making sure that all who had questions were heard and answered with the utmost kindness.

 Our next small group will be held at the Unburger Grill at 22018 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn 48124. Their phone number is: 313-633-0881. The date is: Wednesday, October 17th from 7-9 pm  The owner (Chris ) will share his story of how he became a vegan and why, and how,  his passion to open this restaurant came about.  If you have the opportunity, please visit them and support this wonderful establishment. We must try to do our part to keep restaurants like this in business for the long run.

Dearborn Small Group Meeting

Thanks again Rick and Connie Coogan for hosting this small group meeting, and opening your home for all to gather, share healthy plant based foods, and to discuss the benefits of a Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle. There were some great suggestions for easily prepared meals. .Also, much laughter and support from good people!! Thanks to all who brought a delicious plant-based oil free dish to pass, and for making the PBNSG Dearborn Small Group meeting a success!

Dearborn Small Group

Here is a short recap of our last Dearborn Area, Plant-Based Nutrition Small Group, held on February 15th. There was laughing, and learning with our Whole Food Plant-Based support group!

We had a total of 16 guests, with 3 new people who attended!

Jim Balla, gave a heartfelt presentation of how Plant-Based, whole food eating saved his life, and gave him a quality of life he could only dream of. He was almost crippled and close to death, when he decided to jump into this lifestyle with both feet, and the results are truly amazing. He also brought many of us to tears in the process.

I would be doing an injustice to not comment on the great food we shared with each other. This has been the one night that I always look forward to every month, with our "potluck" of such awesome, healthy food. Its such a luxury to have such an array of food that I don't have to worry about, and just enjoy.


Dearborn Small Group

We had another great night of fellowship as we shared good food, compliments of many in our group. We were inspired by the testimonies of many of our members and how enriched their lives have become, since going plant-based, whole food, with no meat, dairy or oil. This relaxed, safe environment had it's share of laughter and joy, from people who have hope again because of this empowering way to fight heart disease, diabetes, and many ailments that come from our typical western diet! These are people who have reduced or eliminated the modern medicines, with their side effects, and are now using food as their medicine! You all inspire and encourage me with your heart-felt words and struggles shared, with honesty and humility. I love you all!
We also were blessed to have Paul Chatlin, founder of the largest Plant-Based Nutrition Support Group in the country (over 5000 mambers and growing), as our guest!
Paul shared his personal story with us all and let us know the exciting events and guests who will be coming to the main group in Birmingham, MI, in the coming months. We were honored to have this selfless, humble man who serves us all, with his time and energy, in our home and our hearts this night! Thank you Paul, for all you do!


Dearborn Small Group

Our Dearborn Small Group recently met at the Dearborn location of Mongolian Grill with their amazing host, Rick Coogan. I was able to instruct all of the attendees on items to select on the delicious plant-based choices that Mongolian Grill offers, what sauces are plant perfect, and how to instruct the cooks how to prepare our food using no added oils. We enjoyed our delicious food, exchanged plant-based nutrition tips, and enjoyed each other. Thank you so much to Rick Coogan for all that you do to promote PBNSG and plant based nutrition! 

Dearborn Small Group

Dearborn Small Group