Berkley Small Group

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The Birmingham Small Group went through some changes, it met at the Dean Chiropractic at Berkley for the first time and Adela took over and became a host. The group had a great time. We really enjoyed the new place and kindness of Dr. Dean. We also welcomed three new members and are very excited to have them with us. Healthy plate was discussed, we talked about different groups of foods and their health benefits and shared some recipes and cooking tips. We plan to talk about cooking techniques and dining out in the next meeting. 


Berkley Small Group

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Birmingham group was honored to welcome Paul Chatlin who made a point to give each person who attended  a chance to introduce themselves and tell their story. We also discussed gut health, and went over many prebiotic foods and probiotic options. All members have been challenged to increase daily vegetable intake and to discuss and process the experience, or lack of it next month.


Berkley Small Group


We had a great meeting at Whole Foods! Many of us had a great salad from the salad bar and wonderful conversation. We discussed the movie Unsupersize Me available on Amazon that comes highly recommended. Batch cooking was discussed and a handout of recipes and ideas were shared. We are planning on sharing more recipes in future meetings. We welcomed two new members and are so happy to have them with us.