Clawson Small Group Meeting

Thank you Hostess Pauline Flaga, for another enjoyable PBNSG Clawson Small Group Meeting! Those who attended: Founder and chairman of the Plant Based Nutrition Support Group Paul Chatlin, Jim Balla, Jeff Kroon, Joan Ritter, Rick Lafam, Jan Foster, Lynnda Skidmore, and Marilyn Bidinger. The food was fantastic as usual! Thank you, Jeff Kroon for the Broccoli dish, Rick Lafam for the blueberries, Jim Balla for the Brownie bites, Jan Foster for the Mixed fruit bowl, Lynnda Skidmore for the couscous dessert topped with berries. and our Hostess Pauline Flaga who made Yonana Banana Strawberry ice cream with her Yonana's Ice Cream Maker.!