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What a wonderful meeting of friends old and new this past meeting at Touchstone! We welcomed a few members from the Windsor group, met some new faces and caught up with established members. Thank to everyone who could come out and for sharing in an insightful conversation around eating away from the house in summer. Our key takeaways were: (1) plan ahead - pre/post eat and travel with non-perishable snacks (like dried fruit, nuts/seeds, etc) (2) offer to bring your own food to gatherings of family/friends, (3) connect directly with the chef to inquire about options for events such as catered parties, showers, etc, and (4) you're worth it! Choose your health over your comfort, and you won't regret it! And you just might be surprised at how receptive people are to trying new recipes that are WFPB (so bring some extra or portion your own plate if that's all that you can eat!).


As you make your way through summer, navigating situations where it may be harder to stay WFPB, be kind to yourself. Your mental health is just as important as you physical health, and it's important to remember that we are all imperfect humans just trying to do the best we can for ourselves and our loved ones (and maybe other beings and the planet too!). You will make mistakes. It's 100% okay. Sometimes it's okay to choose joy and connection, even if it comes with a dietary 'mistake.' Know that every moment offers a new opportunity to make the next decision that nourishes you. So go out and enjoy these warmer, longer days, and if/when you need to reset or remind yourself of the beauty of whole plant-based foods, just grab the nearest piece of fresh fruit, close your eyes, and revel in its sweet deliciousness. The simple joy of appreciating nature's candy can be just the thing to bring you into the moment and back on your health-focused path. HAPPY SUMMER, y'all!!! 

Ann Arbor Small Group Meeting

Hey there plant-tastic folks! 

We did it again. And then some. Our last meeting was ON POINT. Did you feel the love?? I sure did. There's no other place in my life I can find the type of community, support, compassion and positive energy that I find with this group. Thank you all for your continued participation, for sharing your challenges and triumphs, and being there for the others in the group. Check out photos from our last meeting - attached!

Big A2 welcome to Tom, Cam and Jim for joining us for the first time this month! We're so happy to have you! 

Notables from the July Potluck: 

  • Yonanas - Get yourself a Yonanas machine and make home-made 'ice cream' with no added sugars and no artificial ingredients --- just fruit! Here are some available on Amazon. (Jim used the bigger, fancier one - the smaller one is available at about half the price)
  • Need a new pan to cook without oil? - Check out Costco for non-stick, affordable pans or get yourself a scan pan

Gaia update: As you know, Gaia has been on an epic bike trip with his family for the majority of the summer. He, his wife and his two boys are doing great! He'll have many stories to share at the next meeting, no doubt. :) 


SAVE THE DATES!! We have NEW DATES for you to SAVE for the rest of the summer and the fall! If you'd like to host one of the meetings, shoot me an email.