Small Group

Clawson Small Group Meeting

Thank you Hostess Pauline Flaga, for another enjoyable PBNSG Clawson Small Group Meeting! Those who attended: Founder and chairman of the Plant Based Nutrition Support Group Paul Chatlin, Jim Balla, Jeff Kroon, Joan Ritter, Rick Lafam, Jan Foster, Lynnda Skidmore, and Marilyn Bidinger. The food was fantastic as usual! Thank you, Jeff Kroon for the Broccoli dish, Rick Lafam for the blueberries, Jim Balla for the Brownie bites, Jan Foster for the Mixed fruit bowl, Lynnda Skidmore for the couscous dessert topped with berries. and our Hostess Pauline Flaga who made Yonana Banana Strawberry ice cream with her Yonana's Ice Cream Maker.!

Dearborn Small Group

Here is a short recap of our last Dearborn Area, Plant-Based Nutrition Small Group, held on February 15th. There was laughing, and learning with our Whole Food Plant-Based support group!

We had a total of 16 guests, with 3 new people who attended!

Jim Balla, gave a heartfelt presentation of how Plant-Based, whole food eating saved his life, and gave him a quality of life he could only dream of. He was almost crippled and close to death, when he decided to jump into this lifestyle with both feet, and the results are truly amazing. He also brought many of us to tears in the process.

I would be doing an injustice to not comment on the great food we shared with each other. This has been the one night that I always look forward to every month, with our "potluck" of such awesome, healthy food. Its such a luxury to have such an array of food that I don't have to worry about, and just enjoy.


Dearborn Small Group

We had another great night of fellowship as we shared good food, compliments of many in our group. We were inspired by the testimonies of many of our members and how enriched their lives have become, since going plant-based, whole food, with no meat, dairy or oil. This relaxed, safe environment had it's share of laughter and joy, from people who have hope again because of this empowering way to fight heart disease, diabetes, and many ailments that come from our typical western diet! These are people who have reduced or eliminated the modern medicines, with their side effects, and are now using food as their medicine! You all inspire and encourage me with your heart-felt words and struggles shared, with honesty and humility. I love you all!
We also were blessed to have Paul Chatlin, founder of the largest Plant-Based Nutrition Support Group in the country (over 5000 mambers and growing), as our guest!
Paul shared his personal story with us all and let us know the exciting events and guests who will be coming to the main group in Birmingham, MI, in the coming months. We were honored to have this selfless, humble man who serves us all, with his time and energy, in our home and our hearts this night! Thank you Paul, for all you do!