Dearborn Small Group


We had an enjoyable meeting last night, with our leader and friend, Paul Chatlin. He shared with us some exciting things coming to pbnsg next year, including a return of the Dr. Esselstyn. The bonus for us all is that he will be bringing his wife, Ann, and daughter Jane. If anyone has ever seen this mother and daughter team, you already know how enjoyable and funn!y these two are together.


Be sure to check the website from time to time, and watch for all the special events that will help us all choose a healthier lifestyle to live by. Whether its learning how to cook, shop and go to restaurants, while transitioning to this wonderful lifestyle. Also having the opportunity to seeing incredible speakers that will help us become motivated to embrace Plant-Based, Whole Foods.


Anne Normand brought a unique dish to our meeting and it was enjoyed by all (evidence of this, was the empty pot at the end of the night). These were moong beans from India, and can be found on Amazon at this link:


Phyllis unthank brought a healthy “Waldorf” salad with these ingredients; 3 Lg Delicious apples chopped, 4 ribs celery chopped, 1/2-3/4 cups chopped & toasted walnuts, 3/4-1 cup diced dates,& chunk or tidbit of pineapple in its own juice ( drained & save the juice ). Mix well & add pineapple juice to just moisten. Refrigerate. ( I added the nuts just before serving.)


I had my usual potato-bean-vegetable soup and there was so much more that was brought by Mike & Karen, Jim Balla, John Szabo and Stephanie Vail. Thanks for all the support, love and laughter to all of our friends who grace our home. We truly love hosting such a fine group of people!!


Our next meeting will be Wednesday, December 19th at Thai Vylai Restaurant at: 6555 Allen Rd., Allen Park (just south of Southfield Rd.) at 7:00pm. There phone # is 313-768-5324, if you have any questions for them.  Connie and I will be in Florida all of December and half of January (but for those who just want to see Gracie, she will be staying in our house with our neighbor, who moves in for the entire time we are gone) We hope to be home to host our pbnsg small group on January 16th. We will be so excited to see everyone, after such a long time without our fix of the best, healthiest people I know!!


With every bite you take, you are either feeding disease, or fighting it!