Jackson Small Group

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Upon the release of The Game Changers film, Paul Chatlin, founder of PBNSG, attended the Jackson Small Group. He told his story regarding his plant-based journey and the mission behind PBNSG. The food was delicious and we all shared a Kale, Arugula, Swiss Chard, Lime, and Pepper salad, Pumpkin Pie Spiced Oatmeal, and a Noodle salad consisting of raw veggies, beans, whole wheat noodles, and spices!

Key takeaways from this meeting are it takes 60 days to form good habits without looking back and PBNSG is here to encourage without judgement!

Berkley Small Group

The Berkley Small Group met again on Monday, August 19th and we had a blast! For the first time, the group agreed to bring food and everybody did a great job. We enjoyed delicious veggies salads, fruits, potato salad, mango-banana nice cream and brownies as a dessert! We also welcomed five new members! Yay! The topic of the meeting was "Eating whole food plant based while traveling" and we were able to share some great ideas to make traveling easier including dining out tips. The group was also very happy to meet the Windsor hosts Jocko and his wife, who came to meet us and share their ideas. Next month is planned for September 16th.


Flushing Small Group


Always an amazing time had with friends and delicious plant-based foods. The Flushing Small Group generally has a book of the month and this month the book was The Greenprint by Marco Borges, all recipes came from the book!

Food consisted of: Chickpea & Sweet Potato Burgers, Mushroom “Chorizo” Tacos, Brussel Sprout Salad, Bean Salad, and Banana Nice Cream!


Ann Arbor Small Group


What a wonderful meeting of friends old and new this past meeting at Touchstone! We welcomed a few members from the Windsor group, met some new faces and caught up with established members. Thank to everyone who could come out and for sharing in an insightful conversation around eating away from the house in summer. Our key takeaways were: (1) plan ahead - pre/post eat and travel with non-perishable snacks (like dried fruit, nuts/seeds, etc) (2) offer to bring your own food to gatherings of family/friends, (3) connect directly with the chef to inquire about options for events such as catered parties, showers, etc, and (4) you're worth it! Choose your health over your comfort, and you won't regret it! And you just might be surprised at how receptive people are to trying new recipes that are WFPB (so bring some extra or portion your own plate if that's all that you can eat!).


As you make your way through summer, navigating situations where it may be harder to stay WFPB, be kind to yourself. Your mental health is just as important as you physical health, and it's important to remember that we are all imperfect humans just trying to do the best we can for ourselves and our loved ones (and maybe other beings and the planet too!). You will make mistakes. It's 100% okay. Sometimes it's okay to choose joy and connection, even if it comes with a dietary 'mistake.' Know that every moment offers a new opportunity to make the next decision that nourishes you. So go out and enjoy these warmer, longer days, and if/when you need to reset or remind yourself of the beauty of whole plant-based foods, just grab the nearest piece of fresh fruit, close your eyes, and revel in its sweet deliciousness. The simple joy of appreciating nature's candy can be just the thing to bring you into the moment and back on your health-focused path. HAPPY SUMMER, y'all!!! 

Berkley Small Group

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The Birmingham Small Group went through some changes, it met at the Dean Chiropractic at Berkley for the first time and Adela took over and became a host. The group had a great time. We really enjoyed the new place and kindness of Dr. Dean. We also welcomed three new members and are very excited to have them with us. Healthy plate was discussed, we talked about different groups of foods and their health benefits and shared some recipes and cooking tips. We plan to talk about cooking techniques and dining out in the next meeting. 


Dearborn Small Group

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We had such an enjoyable meeting last Wednesday, May 15th. The focus that our group centered on was heart disease and diabetes, and personal testimonies really helped the discussion.  But what really made it special was that it felt like an intimate evening with good friends. The food was really wonderful, with soups, two different kinds of asparagus dishes (it's in season right now, and it was awesome), corn muffins, baked pita chips and really great tasting guacamole, among the tasty fare (I'm sure I'm forgetting some of what was brought). The sharing (and caring) was so respectful and helpful, that I know why I love, and look forward to this night, every month.


We talked about turmeric and how it helps with so many ailments;  like arthritis, since this was a concern for a couple of us. We watched 2 different short videos by Dr. Michael Greger, and used his book, How Not To Die, as reference material, and came up with some good points for us to consider. How much turmeric should we eat daily (a quarter teaspoon). How to eat turmeric (cooked turmeric appears to offer better DNA protection and raw turmeric may have greater anti-inflammatory effects). Also adding pepper to turmeric significantly boosts the curcumin blood levels, which translates to better  healing properties of this  herb. A quarter teaspoon of dried turmeric recommendation translates into about a quarter inch of fresh turmeric root and can be used in smoothies,  or grated in  soups, etc., and the roots are about 2 inches long and cost around 10 cents each at an Asian market. Also consuming turmeric with soy may offer a double benefit for osteoarthritis sufferers. Dr. Greger also sees many downsides to taking turmeric or curcumin supplements, and those reasons can be found in his book, How Not To Die, pages 354-356. 


Two recipes for your enjoyment:


Mike and Karen's guacamole- Avocado mashed, finely diced red onion, frozen corn, diced fresh tomato, onion powder, garlic powder, dash of cayenne pepper, dash of hot sauce and lime juice (Karen left the quantities up to the maker)


Phyllis's Almond cookies- 2 cups finely ground almond flour, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder, 1/3 cup maple syrup, 2 teaspoons almond extract.

Mix dry ingredients together, then mix in the wet ones. preheat oven to 350 degrees. put  tablespoon sized, rounded batter onto parchment covered cookie sheet and put into oven for 12 minutes (or until edges are golden brown). Cool on baking sheet for 3 minutes, then place on rack to completely cool. IMPORTANT: cool baking sheet completely between batches. 

Hazelnut Version: Use Hazelnut flour, 1 teaspoon hazelnut extract, 1 tsp vanilla extract

Can also add chopped nuts, non-dairy chocolate, or dried fruit before baking



Rochester Hills Small Group


It was our penultimate meeting with Kelly as a host of the Rochester Hills Small Group. As always, there was plenty of WFPB food, and everyone enjoyed eating and socializing! There were a few new participants as well. The topic was diabetes, and the group discussed the root cause of the disease along with some research studies on the connection between diet and diabetes and how WFPB lifestyle can address the condition. It was an evening full of information and good food!


Berkley Small Group

Troy Salad.jpg

Birmingham group was honored to welcome Paul Chatlin who made a point to give each person who attended  a chance to introduce themselves and tell their story. We also discussed gut health, and went over many prebiotic foods and probiotic options. All members have been challenged to increase daily vegetable intake and to discuss and process the experience, or lack of it next month.


Dearborn Small Group


Hello everyone!  We had another special time of learning, laughter and great food at our small group gathering. We had 12 people attend, and there was a nice assortment of great food to sample, while we settled in and visited with one another.

Then we decided to watch the documentary, Cowspiracy, and had a lively discussion afterwards. Learning about the impact our standard American diet has on our health, environment and world, is quite sobering and gives us all more incentive to closely examine our food choices. 

I am very proud of how our group respects everyone's ideas and struggles, as we navigate through this lifestyle. Not everyone is at the same place, regarding plant-based, whole food eating, and many come to visit, to see what it's all about. That is where our group norms come into play. Everyone is to be respected and treated with kindness, no matter how they eat, or what they think. We are all on a journey and we are all at different places on that journey. It''s so exciting to see how so many have changed and grown, since we started this small group many years ago. It just keeps getting better and better!


Berkley Small Group


We had a great meeting at Whole Foods! Many of us had a great salad from the salad bar and wonderful conversation. We discussed the movie Unsupersize Me available on Amazon that comes highly recommended. Batch cooking was discussed and a handout of recipes and ideas were shared. We are planning on sharing more recipes in future meetings. We welcomed two new members and are so happy to have them with us.


Rochester Hills Small Group


At the Rochester Hills Small Group, it was a smaller-than-usual meeting of 12 enthusiastic participants who asked a lot of questions. Topics discussed ranged from types of soy products to addressing barriers to change. The food topic was "Big Salad" (like the one pictured here) which uses greens as the base in generous amounts and any combination of vegetables (raw or cooked), grains, legumes, and raw nuts/seeds (in small amounts) on top. There were greens (of course!), cucumber, turnip, tomatoes, shredded carrots, red onions, radish, raw and roasted cauliflower, bean sprouts, beets, tabouli, roasted sweet potatoes, quinoa, black lentils, beet hummus, sunflower seeds, infused balsamic vinegar for dressing, oranges for dessert and more! As always, it was en educational and delicious meeting!