PP: Fresh and Easy Tostadas

Member Contributor:  William Moore
Makes: 10 Fresh Tostadas
Prep Time: 9 Minutes
Cook Time: 1 Minute
Total Time: 10 Minutes








Tostadas Base

Baked corn tostada shells (No fat)

Refried Bean Mixture

2 16 oz cans fat free refried beans
Mexicana/taco/chili/cayenne pepper seasoning to taste
1 14 – 16 oz can beans (pinto, maya coba, retailer combinations)
Hot Sauce (if you like heat)

Fresh Salsa

  • 10-15 Roma tomatoes cored & diced
  • 1 red onion diced,
  • 1 lime zest & juice 
  • 1 - 1"-2" jalapeño cored, seeded & diced/finely
  • 1/2 bunch of cilantro chopped


  1. Combine salsa ingredients and set aside (overnight is fine)
  2. Mix 2 can of fat free re-fried beans & a thoroughly rinsed can of Pinto, Kidney or Black beans.
  3. Assemble tostada by placing heaping spoonful of refried beans on tostada shell
  4. Spread refried mixture covering the shell
  5. Thoroughly rinse whole beans
  6. Sprinkle over refried mixture
  7. Place a spoonful of fresh salsa on top
  8. Serve


  1. Combine thoroughly rinsed beans with re-fried bean mixture
  2. Season re-fried mixture if you like with cumin, chili powder, Mexican spices &/or hot sauce.

Bon Appetite!

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