Make Your Own Plant-Based Milk At Home!

Now You Can Make Your Own Plant Based Milk At Home

Freshly made almond milk is delicious! With the Almond Cow Milk Machine you can easily make nut milks in the convenience of your own kitchen!

The recipe is simple. Soak your almonds. Add the almonds and water to the mixing cup. Put in a touch of sweetener then blend for 30 seconds and pour out almond milk. It is that easy and cleanup is hassle free.  Watch the video to see how it is done.

When you order an Almond Cow Milk Machine and use the discount code PBNSG on the Almond Cow website, you get $15 off your order and they will make a small donation to our organization.

For more information, how to order and to get recipes, go to the website now.

Almond Cow.png

Don't forget to add the promo code "PBNSG" and receive $15 off of your order!