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Marion Treece

Marion Treece - Administrative Director

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Marion Treece is the Administrative Director for PBNSG. “I began as a volunteer with the group, felt welcome from the first day, and love being involved with a passionate group dedicated to a mission of helping others achieve optimal health.” Marion has lived in southeast Michigan since 2007. She holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology, enjoys lifelong learning, and has been a volunteer and board member of nonprofit groups for many years. She also has a background in the computer field and special education.

Marion has had an interest in healthy food and cooking most of her adult life, and began following a mostly vegetarian diet about 10 years ago. She now adheres to a whole food, plant-based lifestyle after taking a nutrition course, researching plant-based physicians, and understanding more about food-related disease. Marion also has a strong interest in social behavior, diet, and factors that influence food choices.

Gardening and being outdoors are simple pleasures that Marion enjoys, as well as taking walks with her husband and their dogs, collecting plant-based cookbooks, and creating recipes. She and her husband have three grown children and love getting together with them as often as they can. She looks forward to helping PBNSG grow and spreading plant-based knowledge to help others improve their health. “I envision a future in our society where active centenarians are commonplace from having a healthy lifestyle that includes whole, plant-based foods.”