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Jeannie Hudkins

Jeannie Hudkins, Chef

Whether it's the Atkins diet, the Blood Type diet, or a fear of carbohydrates, every one of my friends and family seemed to have come to a different conclusion about what to eat to stay healthy...... and yet many of them were not.

I decided to go on a quest to learn what the underlying truth is about what we need to eat to achieve optimal health, and the end of this quest was to be a gift of health to the people I love. My mission began about ten years ago by researching historical data and scientific studies, all of which lead me to Cornell University where I earned a certificate in plant-based nutrition. I subsequently wrote the book Eat Like You Give a Damn: For the Animals, For Your Health, For Our Planet, shared it with my family and friends, ....and voila! Mission accomplished!

Many of my family and friends overcame a variety of chronic diseases and are now enjoying vibrant health. I have now extended my reach to many other people via book talks and cooking classes and have created or modified hundreds of whole food, plant-based recipes, all with no oil. While I used to consider it a chore, I now see cooking as the means to provide the best health insurance policy in the world. Eat healthy food, stop animal cruelty, restore your health, and contribute to the healing of our nation's land, air, and waters, or, in other words, Eat Like You Give a Damn!