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Artistic Vegan

Christa Clark - Artistic Vegan

Christa is a passionate plant-based food blogger and author of The Artistic Vegan Cookbook. Christa offers cooking classes on YouTube with the Artistic Vegan Show sharing her love of food from her kitchen to yours.

She writes recipes, photographs and does the video production for her food blog, Artistic Vegan, a blog featuring hundreds of plant-based recipes. Christa also holds certification as a structural integrator and is an instructor at the Gravity Body Academy. She is also a certified yoga teacher. Christa combines her passion for food and healthy lifestyle and loves to share it with others.

Her blog has been awarded the Top 100 Vegan Blogs in 2017 and 2018, Top 60 Vegan Blogs in 2017, 2017 Must-Follow Vegan Blog, has been featured in One Green Planet and Raw Food Magazine. She is proud to be a PBNSG Chef. 


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