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Newest Chefs

Christa Clark - Artistic Vegan

Christa is a passionate plant-based food blogger and author of The Artistic Vegan Cookbook. Christa offers cooking classes on YouTube with the Artistic Vegan Show sharing her love of food from her kitchen to yours.

She writes recipes, photographs and does the video production for her food blog, Artistic Vegan, a blog featuring hundreds of plant-based recipes. Christa also holds certification as a structural integrator and is an instructor at the Gravity Body Academy. She is also a certified yoga teacher. Christa combines her passion for food and healthy lifestyle and loves to share it with others.

Her blog has been awarded the Top 100 Vegan Blogs in 2017 and 2018, Top 60 Vegan Blogs in 2017, 2017 Must-Follow Vegan Blog, has been featured in One Green Planet and Raw Food Magazine. She is proud to be a PBNSG Chef. 


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Joey Bruno

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Joey Bruno is a vegan blogger, kitchen gear tester, and overall food geek. You can find his work over at ThriveCuisine.com or on his YouTube channel – Kitchen Tips by Joe. He believes whole-food plant-based cuisine is best, but as a former Food Scientist, he loves testing the latest and greatest vegan products. In his spare time, he enjoys practicing martial arts, dog walking, and playing an extremely amateur game of tennis.

Timaree Hagenburger - The Nutrition Professor

Timaree Hagenburger is a Registered Dietitian, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutritional Science from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and a Master's Degree in Public Health from University of California, Los Angeles. She is a full-time professor at Cosumnes River College, in Nutrition and Foods and the Plant-Based Nutrition & Sustainable Agriculture certificate program, a professional speaker working in corporate wellness and is a Certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine. She has had the honor of speaking to groups around the country, from Hawaii to Alaska, from Florida to San Francisco, and most recently in Grand Rapids, Michigan!  Timaree has regular segments on California Bountiful TV, writes a monthly column for the Lodi News Sentinel, is a frequent podcast guest, manages her resource-rich website (www.thenutritionprofessor.com ), transitioned her family to plant-based whole foods and is the author of the cookbook titled The Foodie Bar Way: One Meal, Lots of Options, Everyone’s Happy (http://foodiebars.com/). Timaree cherishes opportunities to connect with those around her to share her knowledge and passion for food, cooking, physical activity and good health. Her style is a marked by a blend of fun and practicality, as she offers strategies and inspiration for finding pleasure in preparing and partaking in nourishing meals, because life is better when you "love the food that loves you back."

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While I was raised as an omnivore, once I learned the truth about plant-based, whole foods 8 years ago, I never looked back! Not only did I change the ingredients I used, but I changed my approach to cooking (including no oil), and teaching! I supported the successful transition of my family to this way of eating, including my family of four (including my children, currently 12 yo and 15 yo), my parents (currently in their late 60’s and healthier than ever, most often found on a motorcycle adventure of some sort), my sister and many, many, many students, colleagues and friends.
— Timaree Hagenburger
I am beyond thrilled to become part of the PBNSG.org family and want to invite you into my world, the real world of being a mom and college nutrition professor with way too many jobs and responsibilities. While there never seems to be enough time and there always seems to be too many tasks, I am committed to feeding my family the most nutrient dense food possible, staying within our budget and time constraints and also keeping everyone happy.

My kitchen is one of my “happy places”... I want it to be a happy place for you, too — a place to relax and have fun! Nourishing food is soooooo much more than “fuel” or “medicine” — it is life and joy. It can give you energy, strength and peace. When you get it right, you’ll feel better in your own skin. That is how I want you to approach food, to eat with the goal of feeling energized afterward and to truly “love the food that loves you back.” I don’t want you to diet or count calories, grams of protein, carbohydrate or fat. I just want you to start with a few deep breaths and enjoy every bite, until you aren’t hungry anymore or the food doesn’t taste amazing anymore. Like a little kid who leaves half a cookie, not because it wasn’t delicious, just because she wasn’t hungry anymore. Honor your body’s innate sense of hunger and fullness, along with the accompanying cues, and provide the very best options possible for yourself and your family. I want you to live your life and not to obsess about food - keep it in its place! Simply ask the question, “Is this going to help me become a better version of myself?”

When I look out at my college students, I see the real threat that they will be the first generation to live shorter lives than their parents. Not only are we sicker than ever before in history, we are getting sicker younger, and we are digging our graves with our knives and forks. While the statistics are staggering, this isn’t just about numbers, it is personal. We all know someone who is struggling with a scary, chronic disease, like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, Alzheimer’s or cancer, which limits their freedom to fulfill their potential and celebrate life with those around them. It breaks my heart when a 19 year old student writes in her class journal about how her 48 year old mother died of a stroke in her arms or how they just lost their 41 yo father to a heart attack. It doesn’t have to be that way!

These chronic diseases are not inevitable! In fact, we now know that a great majority of these diseases are preventable and reversible for those willing to change how they nourish their bodies. If you have been told that your health destiny lies in your genes, rest assured, as you can begin to change the way your genes behave (e.g. turning cancer promoting genes “off” and cancer killing genes “on”). You can also leave behind strategies from the diet and weight loss industry, which only perpetuate the cycle of losing and re-gaining weight, negatively impact our happiness and overall mental health, and are particularly dangerous in terms of promoting diseases like cancer. Though many people tend to become comfortable being uncomfortable and resist change, I am forever hopeful, as some of us are ready to stand up for eating well and feeling great!

The simple approach that I have found to be amazingly effective, both personally and with my family, students and clients, is to choose plant-based, whole foods. As Dr. Michael Greger describes, “As grown in nature, nothing good taken away and nothing bad added.” While it seems too good to be true, I am humbled by the miraculous power of the body to respond to vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Their phytonutrients “phyt” (fight) for us in so many ways, including building and supporting a strong immune system to keep us healthy.

If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it. I am in awe as those who have struggled with debilitating pain and disease for years, experience dramatic improvements in their quality of life and physical health within days of transitioning to a whole food plant-based way of eating. I was brought to tears when I received a “thank you” email from a gentleman in his sixties who watched a televised version of my college nutrition class on cable, explaining that despite a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes, his HgbA1c had dropped into the normal range (5.3% for the past 2 years) since adopting this eating style. I was speechless when a student flagged me down on campus to tell me how her blood cholesterol plummeted into the normal range, her energy level shot through the roof and how good she feels, “I feel better in my own skin, just better being me.” That is the best outcome that I could imagine, and I see it over and over. And the science backs this up! The benefits of embracing a whole food, plant-based diet are real and the food tastes fantastic!

Every bite you take is an opportunity to feel great and become a better version of yourself, strengthening your body, fortifying your blood, supporting your immune system and protecting your brain. Make every bite count! “Love the food that loves you back!™”
— Timaree Hagenburger

Lauren Bernick

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My name is Lauren Bernick and I am the founder of Wellelephant.com. My Journey began three years ago. I sat in a cardiologist’s office crying my eyes out. He told me that I had a 20% chance of having a heart attack within the next ten years. I was 46 years old. I had a family history, my cholesterol was 288 and I had some calcifications in my arteries. He told me the only thing I could do was eat healthy (which I thought I was), exercise (check) and take a statin to lower my cholesterol (nope).

I was already eating “healthy fats” as the cardiologist instructed and it was getting me nowhere. My father told me about Dr. Esselstyn’s book, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease.  I was encouraged by the fact that it has 30 years of proven results to its credit.  It is a very low-fat diet and it is the direct opposite of what my cardiologist recommended to me.  Dr. Esselstyn, also a cardiologist, believes the epidemic of so-called "healthy fats" is contributing to heart disease. I was confused at first but, I felt I had nothing left to lose. So, I jumped in full force.

 I worked the program. To be honest, it has been difficult at times. It requires planning ahead and schlepping food everywhere I go. I have to take my own dinner when I go to book club. I have to call ahead to restaurants to see if they can make me something appropriate and sometimes I even have to bring my own food to a restaurant. But, so what? I did it. I really have begun to reverse a very nasty disease by eating a low-fat, plant-based diet. I have dropped my cholesterol 110 points without medication, lost nearly 20 pounds and I feel fantastic. Most importantly, I no longer worry that I’m going to drop dead from a heart attack. This website will provide you with all the tools and support you need to begin and maintain your low-fat, plant-based diet. Jump In!

 Why Wellelephant?  How many times are we asked, “Will I get enough protein?”  The answer is: “YES!”  That was one of my motivating factors in naming this site, “Well Elephant”. No one asks the strong, plant-eating elephant where she gets her protein from.  

~A reflection of her wonderful sense of humor that fueled her time as a standup comic and semi-finalist in Roseanne Barr’s Funniest Mom in America contest and a huge asset developing her site and presenting at her events in Austin, Texas.~

“No one can become a well-balanced herbivore on their own...we need the support of our "herd."”  Learn more about Lauren at Wellelephant.com where she shares her recipes, menus, resources and videos to help support each of us to health!



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