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Dinah Oude-Reimerink - Director of Small Groups

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Dinah Oude-Reimerink is a native Michigander, born and raised in Redford, who has returned from living in Canada for 3.5 years to land in Livonia.  Plant Based for the past 6+ years, Dinah and her husband Jake were initially urged to read the China Study by Jake’s sister to help reduce complications from Jake’s Type I diabetes.  Complying out of sisterly-love, they went along with the plan.  Struggling to choke back what seemed like cardboard in the beginning, they soon learned of PBNSG – when Paul Chatlin and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn did Grand Rounds at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, where Dinah worked as an Ophthalmic Technician.   In a conversation with Dr. Esselstyn after the lecture, Dinah asked about her husband and if benefits to Type I diabetes could be “worth it”, and was told “just do it… just do it”!   The impact on both of their bloodwork has been amazing, and the benefits to Jake in terms of improvement in his vascular system have been close to miraculous. The support and resources provided by PBNSG enabled cooking (and eating…..) to become an adventure and passion for both Jake and Dinah.   The lectures never fail to spotlight an eating pattern or lifestyle pattern that can be improved.  Now they are full-on no-turning-back believers in the benefits of their Whole Food Plant Based No Oil lifestyle.  They both credit their health and Jake’s life to his sister Yvonne, and PBNSG.  Dinah and her husband Jake host the Windsor Canada Small Group until June 2019, and Dinah hosts the Henry Ford West Bloomfield Small Group with Dr. Swenor.   Having retired from Henry Ford Hospital last summer, Dinah seeks to be more available for family, and the other “important things of life”, which have expanded to include becoming Director of Small Groups for PBNSG!  Dinah is also pursuing certification as a Health Educator through Wellness Forum Health.