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Will Kriski, Chef

Will Kriski is spreading the word on healthy, low fat starch-based eating without having to do tons of exercise like some of the other high-carbers out there. This means lots of potatoes, such as mashed potatoes, shepherd’s pie, baked fries, gravy, chili, tacos, nachos, pizza and other yummy foods.

Leading by his own example Will has lost over 35 pounds, lowered his cholesterol from ‘off the charts’ to 112 mg/dL, and lowered his blood pressure from 145/85 down to 105/65 (even lower at times, too). Will has interviewed many plant-based doctors and experts including Dr. McDougall (Starch Solution), Dr. Michael Greger (Nutrition Facts), Dr. Doug Lisle (The Pleasure Trap), Dr. Thomas Campbell (The China Study co-author) and Dr. Alan Goldhamer (The Pleasure Trap). Will has invested in countless books about plant-based diets, examined many nutrition studies and attended a trip with Dr. McDougall where he gave many seminars on healthy eating. Will also has a Master's Degree in Science.

He creates simple, quick no oil starch-based recipes and provides weight loss and health advice at his website www.potatostrong.com