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Melik & Nick, Chef


Melik Alonzo is the Executive-Chef at ‘Plant Based Chef’, as well as the Executive-Chef/Proprietor of ‘Indo’ restaurant in Keego Harbor, Michigan.

Melik is ethnic Javanese, born and raised in Central Java, Indonesia.  She has been a Chef for 16 years; cutting her teeth in Hong Kong. More recently, Melik was a former Executive-Chef at ‘Da Nang’ (Clawson, MI) which; while Melik was its Chef; was  Lauded with awards for ‘The Best Vietnamese’ restaurant in the Metro Detroit Area by ‘The Metro Times’, ‘Hour Magazine’, and ‘Real Detroit’, with write-ups in ‘The Detroit Free Press’ and ‘Crain’s Detroit’.

Melik made appearances on the ‘Fox News Cooking Show’.

Prior to coming to America, Melik was a Chef in Hong Kong for over 10 years. She ran the kitchens of ‘The Gallery’, ‘The China Bear’, and ‘Mood Downtown’; all located on Lantau Island, Hong Kong SAR. The types of cuisine she prepared ranged from Mediterranean, at ‘The Gallery’, to gourmet pizza at ‘The China Bear’. At ‘Mood Downtown’ Melik developed an Asian-Fusion menu, with a large array of Vegan dishes, greeted with much success.

Melik grew up on her family’s farm in Central Java, where dishes were primarily plant based. Indeed, much of the world eats plant based meals, though not necessarily by choice, but often because meat is expensive, and Melik’s family was no exception. Thus Melik learned to cook using whole-fresh vegetables, fruits, grains and spices, while creating dishes that are flavorful and healthy.

Nick Alonzo, Melik’s husband, is Plant Based Chef’s President. Nick began as a line cook, attending Henry Ford College’s Culinary Arts Program. He began his career at the Whitney, and 1940 Chop House, but took an abrupt turn into the field of Information Technology with IBM, AT&T, and others, which spanned 20 years. 

After meeting his wife, Melik, his interests circled back to the restaurant industry.  He has been the GM of ‘Indo’ for the last year and a half.


Melik and Nick

Melik and her Husband met and fell in love in Hong Kong, and were married in Bali shortly thereafter.  They moved to U.S. and, in less than 10 years, opened ‘Indo’. Melik and Nick are doing what they love… cooking… while simultaneously providing healthy alternatives to those that are interested.

Melik and Nick opened ‘Indo’ restaurant in October of 2014; the first and only Indonesian Restaurant in Michigan; and have developed a loyal following ever since.

Melik draws on her cumulative experience to create home-style dishes for ‘Indo’ customers; and continues to craft specialized dishes for ‘PBNSG’ members.

In May of 2015, ‘Indo’ worked with ‘PBNSG’ to develop several ‘PBNSG’ compliant dishes, which have been met with great reviews.


How Melik and Nick Met Paul Chatlin and Learned About ‘PBNSG’

One day, in 2015, Mr. Paul Chatlin (Chairman, Founder, President of ‘PBNSG’) walked into ‘Indo’, asking Nick if ‘Indo’s’ kitchen is able and willing to produce meals suitable to ‘PBNSG’ members.

After learning what the requirements were, and consulting Melik, Nick informed Paul that ‘Indo’ will be more than happy to prepare ‘PBNSG’ compliant meals.

Paul, and several ‘PBNSG’ members, came to ‘Indo’ on agreed-upon date, and were served a variety of ‘compliant-dishes’. Paul, and his companions, savored the meals and extended accolades to the Chef. Paul has been ‘a regular’ at ‘Indo’ ever since that first day, as have other ‘PBNSG’ members.

While developing Indo’s Plant Based Menu, with Paul Chatlin, for Mr. Chatlin and friends, Melik and Nick became inspired by ‘PBNSG’ concept of creating healthy food that tastes great.  This inspiration has led to the creation of ‘Plant Based Chef’, which offers Plant-Based Low-Fat meals as viable support option to ‘PBNSG’ members and followers.