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Brandi Doming, Chef

Hi! I'm Brandi, a wife and mom behind this blog who healed her husband's gout and my digestion issues through a plant-based diet. I'm not complicated, I keep things simple. All my recipes are 8 ingredients or less, not including salt, pepper and water. They are allergy-friendly, as they are all vegan, oil-free and nearly all are gluten-free. 

I'm a wife and mother to a wonderful husband and daughter. But before I ended up in this place in my life, I lived a very different one. Before I became a blogger, I traveled many different roads. Right out of high school, I entered into overseas professional modeling, then moved into doing auto loans for many years (what a change!) to then running my own little real estate gig as a full-time realtor and home designer/stager. I still have my license, but my full attention and passion is creating in the kitchen. On the side, my husband and I have a home renovation company where we do house flips. In addition to cooking, I love interior design, painting and sewing, but my greatest love is being in the kitchen. I'm basically a person who loves to create things and express myself through creation. I find immense satisfaction on creating something entirely on my own, as I've always been extremely independent.

When it comes to food though, I didn't always eat healthy. I grew up in Texas, where barbecue, hamburgers, hot dogs and tons of cheese, was the norm. I drank tons of milk growing up, all the way into my adult years. I started cooking when I was just a kid from cookbooks my mother had. I remember her letting me plan out a few dinners here and there and cook them myself. My mom's favorite thing in the whole world to do, is cook. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that I became that same way. Although, I never saw it as a "career" or passion or focus that it is now. That all changed because of my husband.

It became a huge part of my life. Not so much because I loved to cook, but because I had to learn to cook a certain way. My husband suffers from gouta very painful form of severe arthritis. It affects mostly men over the age of 35. Almost always, gout can be controlled through proper nutrition. It's been many years of struggle, living on crutches and tons of research to learn what to avoid. It seemed no matter what my husband ate, he would suffer painful flare ups. The main culprit is high purine foods and many acidic foods, including meats, dairy and even some veggies as well. We decided for the better of his health, a vegan lifestyle was a must. It has been the best decision and has been life changing. Because of having to learn to adapt in the kitchen to better his health (and mine), I fell in love with cooking and creating in a way I never imagined! That is why I started blogging, to share all the amazing, creative food that comes out of my kitchen that is better for you, but still tastes sinful. 

TheVegan8 is where you’ll find lots of baked goods, as I’ve been a baker all my life, it’s my passion!  Hope you love the recipes!  Share remarks on Instagram , tag me @thevegan8 and be sure to use my tag #the vegan* or share them on my Facebook page.