Shelley Rubinstein - Director of Fitness

Living a healthier life can not only extend your life, it can also improve the quality. Feeling physically better and having control over your own life can greatly increase your mental health as well.

Fitness means something different to everyone.  It is an important addition to everyday life. Among the many benefits of regular exercise are: strengthening the immune system, helping to manage stress and lower risk of depression, making the heart stronger and promoting healthy circulation, maintaining a healthy body composition, keeping the body’s organs vital and promoting longevity, reducing fatigue from everyday tasks, and keeping bones, muscles and joints healthy. 

Taking charge of your nutrition is one step in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Congratulations on making plant based nutrition part of your life. The next logical step is a regular fitness program. Exercise often terrifies and intimidates many. Your body is made to move and there are many ways to make it fun.

Reasons and excuses for not exercising are understandable and many:  gym memberships are expensive, making the time during busy days is a challenge, feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed exercising in front of others, not having the knowledge to know what is safe and effective, being afraid to bulk up and feeling sore after a session.

The good news about fitness is that’s it’s never too late to begin. No matter what your age, you can begin gradually improving your health and well being by developing a fitness plan. Fitness is for regular people who want to prevent disease and maintain a healthy weight. Having success with your fitness plan requires patience and variety. Exercise should be fun whether it’s walking regularly, swimming, biking, or taking an exercise class appropriate for your age. Stamina and strength are increased over weeks of regular physical activity – not just once in a while.

The 3 components of exercise are: Aerobic Fitness - cardiovascular exercise which will give you a healthy heart and lungs, Muscle strength and endurance – which will give you stronger muscles and bones, and Flexibility – proper stretching will give you a full range of body motion and help you prevent injuries.

Let me guide and motivate you in your Fitness journey. I have worked in the Fitness Industry for 30 years. I have taught fitness classes in Health Clubs, Senior Centers, Community Centers, Assisted Living Facilities, and helped many achieve their challenges and goals. I hold certifications from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in Group Fitness and hold a Senior Specialty certification, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) in Personal Training, American Senior Fitness Association and the Arthritis Foundation Association.

My strengths are with, but not limited to, the 50 plus crowd where I can comfortably work with a group, big or small, encouraging them to embrace an active healthy lifestyle. It is rewarding to have a new student return - knowing how difficult it was for them to attend that first class! I also believe that the social aspect of a group class is as important as the physical benefits one gains. For many, it is their only contact with others all day. My students feel safe with my instruction and have been very loyal.  

I believe in and love what I do and try my best to take charge of my life, balancing work, family, fun and leisure.

Shelley Rubinstein
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