Amber Poupore, Special Event Chef

Amber Poupore

Amber Poupore

Amber Poupore, owner of Cacao Tree Cafe and The Clean Plate, has been living a plant strong lifestyle for the past 18 years.  She is passionate about working directly with the community through teaching and motivating others to implement and incorporate a plant based lifestyle into their daily lives.  

Amber has been featured on Fox News, Channel 7 and numerous radio broadcasts in the metro area.  She has participated in corporate events, fundraisers, medical events, educational programs and green festivals for many years.  Through her commitment and work she has become an inspiration for many individuals who are faced with the need to transform their diets.  Amber currently teaches through the Birmingham Community House and has been featured at Henry Ford Hospital West Bloomfield, the Detroit Waldorf School and Whole Foods.  DoTerra Oils and Amber have also created a partnership to provide educational classes at The Clean Plate that are available for free.  

The PBNSG offers quarterly luncheons at The Clean Plate that include a three course meal that is completely plant perfect with a basic demonstration of a plant perfect recipe.  Her enthusiasm is infectious and all are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to experience these intimate events.  

Cacao Tree Cafe is a smoothie and juice bar offering a limited menu that is comprised of primarily raw vegan foods and amazing desserts.  Fresh wheatgrass shots, ginger and turmeric shots, green juices and super-food smoothies and house brewed kombucha are available.  The fare is gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, mostly organic and fresh.  However, other than fruits and vegetables, the menu consists primarily of nuts, seeds, coconut and avocado.  All of which are high in (good) fat and are not recommended for anyone on a plant perfect diet for concerns of cardiac health.  

Alternatively, The Clean Plate is considered to be "transitional" vegetarian and offers much more variety to the menu having an actual kitchen available.  The menu is prepared vegan and gluten-free and customers have the option to add dairy or vegan cheese or select a gluten-free alternative bread to the featured Avalon organic breads.  There are numerous options available for a plant perfect diet and the staff is happy to assist you with any questions and recommendations.  The Clean Plate cooks daily soups for both locations that are mostly oil free.