Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease for Women SAT, MAR 12, 2016 AT 8:00 AM @ Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute , Lyndhurst, OH

Heart disease is the number one killer of women.  
Nearly one woman per minute dies of heart disease.
- American Heart Association

But most importantly, heart disease is prevetable and reversable. Women as caregivers, parents, and professionals are uniquely postioned to influence and create heart healthy families, community and selves. This conference will arm participants with the necessary evidence-based research and know-how to take their own health, and the health of their community, into their own hands.

Jane Esselstyn, RN has assembled a roster of the country’s leading doctors and researchers, whose direct work is to prevent and reverse heart disease, for this March 12th, 2016 event. These experts all agree that the answer to health is not going to come in the shape of a pill, procedure, or technological breakthrough, rather from the grocery cart, the garden, and the end of the fork. Through presentations, lectures, Q and A, cooking demos, a delicious lunch, and dialogue, the aim is to educate about the power of plant-based prevention!

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