Why is Right So Slow?

Ok, so word is getting out that whole food plant based eating made up of fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains is a healthier diet than the Standard American Diet made up of processed foods, meats, eggs, dairy, fish, unrefined plant foods and whole grains. So why hasn’t our community, state, country or world fully embraced this healthy alternative? Or at least moved faster toward it?  

It took way too long for our nation to admit to the damage caused by smoking tobacco. Did we not learn? And if we did learn then the world must know about nutrition.  Do the Meat and Dairy industries have a stronger or equal power in mind control controlling the public perception than the Tobacco industry did?

I was taught at an early age that wrong is wrong. Science has proven that consuming processed foods, meat, dairy and oil is not as healthy. So why aren’t schools offering the best possible food to our children – our future? Why aren’t hospitals offering the best possible food to our sick? It may be better than 5 or 10 years ago but why is being right so slow?

This point is vital to our future. I believe it should start at our Schools of Medicine. Future doctors must learn about the benefits of whole food plant based nutrition. They are our current, past and future healers. Just as doctors ask you how you are feeling, couldn’t they also ask you about your progress to better nutrition? This may mean extended time with their patients, or learning more about the benefits of nutrition, but the beneficiaries are us the patients.  

You can‘t just keep putting a band aid on a cut then keep cutting yourself and expect rapid healing. Instead, if certain foods are slowly making us sick then share that information and let the world decide. If certain foods help us heal then share that information and let the world decide. Nothing should be forced. Just tell the truth and let us all make our health decisions based on education - not marketing or special interests.