What Does Paul Eat Every Day?

People often ask me, “What do you eat?” Let me tell you it is VERY boring! It wasn’t always that way. When I first found out I had severe coronary heart disease, I needed time to heal. My doctor had me on bed rest for 6 months. When I was not sleeping I was cooking. I started to realize just how good plant based food consumption was. I would make a big batch of soup and while it was cooking I would try a recipe from one of the many plant based cook books that are available to us all. Go to www.pbnsg.org for a list of great cookbooks.

Fast forward 2 ½ years. PBNSG has grown so big that I just don’t have the time like I did before. I knew I needed to make it simpler. So about a year ago I started eating the same simple delicious meal every day. So in answer to your question, and as a public service to all PBNSG’ers out there, here is what I eat.

For breakfast I have oatmeal of any kind. I like soy milk, but you can use any non-moo product (no coconut or cashew milk though). I put oatmeal on the bottom of a big soup bowl, then a handful of raisins or any dried fruit. Then more oatmeal. I then cut up some fruit, like bananas, blueberries and strawberries. Then I heat up one cup of soy milk by microwaving it for about 2 ½ minutes (it may vary so keep an eye on it). I pour it over the oatmeal and cover for 10 minutes. I take off the cover, add cinnamon, apples, pumpkin and nutmeg on the top and mix it up. Mmmmmm.

For lunch I have a BIG kale salad with arugula, spinach and any other green that I like. I put some lemon over the greens and break up the kale with my hands, kind of massaging the greens together. I then leave it on the counter, ready to eat when I am ready. I put 1 tablespoon of NO-Oil dressing and mix it all up. I also have 1-2 cans of beans (any bean is a good bean) and add some tomatoes, celery, cucumbers and onions. I sprinkle on some pepper, mix it up and Mmmmmm!

For dinner I cut up a wide assortment of vegetables. I like the following: radishes, onions (I use 3 kinds) carrots, celery, cucumbers, corn, tomatoes. I add one cup of whole wheat noodles and 1 tablespoon of lite soy or Braggs amino. Mix it up and Mmmmmm!

Late night- once in a while I will have a bowl of shredded wheat or flax cereal with some raisins and fruit- my guilty pleasure. So now you know what Paul eats every day. For those who read this, please share with PBNSG what you like to eat often. 

Paul Chatlin

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