This is How it Started...

You are on a gurney at Cleveland Clinic, awaiting surgery. You have just completed a heart catherization.  Your doctor asks you, “Would you consider an option other than surgery?”
That was me, only 2 years ago. He didn’t have to ask twice. I decided right then NOT to undergo triple bypass surgery. After all, why would my cardiologist even suggest it if it would hurt me? That decision put me on a path of learning everything I could about Plant Based Nutrition. I started by buying Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and purchased the movie Forks over Knives. I now understood the science behind plant based nutrition. 
My next move was to take most of the food I had in the pantry and give it to charity. Next, I made a list from Ann Esselstyn’s safe food list and went to my local grocery store. I had never read labels before, but here I was, reading every ingredient I was consuming. I could not believe how many names there are for oil and how much oil there is in the foods I had been eating. Before I changed my eating habits, a normal grocery store trip would take about one hour – this one took me three.  My plant based life had started. 
I learned over time to spend more time on the perimeter of grocery stores and skip the middle aisles. I continued to learn more about label reading. I tried to buy the canned goods that had the lowest amount of fat. No salt or sugar whenever possible. It took me about 5 trips to the grocery store to feel comfortable about my food choices. 
One of my goals was to pick a grocery store, introduce myself to the store manager, and share my story to enlist their help to make the store a one stop shop for my Plant Based Needs. I also suggest you find out what days the produce arrives in your local store so you can make sure to get the freshest fruits and vegetables. Soon I would start buying Plant Based Cookbooks and try cooking meals that appealed to me. 
My next goal was to find a breakfast that I could enjoy every day and a big salad to graze on during the day. In my next article I will share with you the ingredients of both my breakfast and lunch. I have also started playing around with spices. This has taken a long time but it’s so worth it. Today we have so many great recipes on  Take the time to check out our Plant Based website for great culinary ideas. This is how it started for me. How about YOU?