Understanding, Appreciation and Satisfaction

Running PBNSG for the past 3 years has been a real whole food plant based treat! Most of the time. Never having run an organization of any kind in the past, PBNSG is getting close 3000 members. So much has been learned. About me, the people around me, community both locally and nationally. This experience all started because of a promise of giving back to anyone who would listen. To this day I am still angry that it truly took a series of miracles for me to even think that I could fulfill that promise. I still ask myself and others these questions. Why didn’t my doctor know about the healing powers of Whole Food Plant Based? Why do the doctors say they never learned it in school? Why do we hear that and ever think that response is acceptable. I am truly not as smart as doctors are but I seek knowledge every day. I want to learn! I am inquisitive. If I hear about anything interesting I read about it. While I was slow about transitioning from a flip phone to a smart phone. OMG! I am glad I did. I now can learn so much more and faster. I can relate to younger people. (all you have to do is talk to them while you are looking up something on your smart phone) I never am upset about being in long lines, I can make purchases. Take pictures on and on….  Enough about benefits of a smart phone. So, if a doctor heard about the benefits of WFPB why didn’t learn about it? After all they signed a Hippocratic Oath. Here are lines that every doctor should remember and practice.  I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon's knife or the chemist's drug. I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure. When was that lost? Are most doctors adhering to their promise? This is when I say we all need Understanding. This year ask your doctor to join you, his patient, customer and sometimes friend to come to a PBNSG meeting. When possible PBNSG will go to them so we never again have to hear “They did not teach it in school” As a community it is time for change. A Whole Food Plant Based Diet will stop and reverse heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and is the best sustaining weight loss program around. Everyone should know it then make their own choice. Every doctor should know about it and should always whenever possible offer a nutrition change before pills or procedures. PERIOD!
I have had the honor of meeting so many kind and thoughtful people. The volunteers and hosts of PBNSG are the ones that get most of my APPRECIATION. Our volunteers open their homes for those in need, our volunteers work for the love of helping. Together as One! Has been our theme and we will continue using it because everyone involved has the same belief. Educating as many people about the health benefits of a Whole Food Plant Based Diet. My personal goal is to talk about the benefits every day to someone new. If I miss a day I double up the next. When I am real lucky PBNSG gets to talk to a large group of medical students, people in the community or people from other states. WFPB saved my life, changed my life and for that I will never stop helping others. Could you image what our world would be like if everyone reading this would consider adopting this and shared the message of health with others. If you ever would consider it. All animals and the environment will thank you! I take pause when I say thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers.
To see PBNSG grow. Educate 1000+ medical students this year. Be the group that other speakers want to speak at. To host the pre-release of Eating You Alive. Have people tell their own person success story of health salvation. To see restaurants be willing to offer WFPB options. To help in creating medical course material. To work with organizations who want to learn about the benefits of a WFPB diet so they can improve the health of their workers. To see one of my sons become vegan and another become vegetarian. To wake up every day feeling great. Join us on this health voyage you will get Satisfaction. You see we all have so much to be thankful for. I am thankful for all of you!