PBNSG Unsung Heroes

Over the past 1 ½ years there have been so many “Unsung Heroes” at Plant Based Nutrition Support Group. We all know about Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Barnard, Dr. Trapp, and Dr. Kahn. They are our Heroes. Our Unsung Heroes are people that few know about but who have helped make PBNSG the best plant nutrition support group in the nation. People like Loren B., Adwenia R., Sean S., Jean M., Kathy K., Liz H., and Pat S. planted the seeds in the beginning and have watched us grow. Today’s Unsung Hero’s list is very long. It will always start with our committed volunteers; without their commitment and work ethic we would not be the (group that we have become). This not only includes our membership, but also our national and international speakers.  Birmingham School district opened their arms and hearts and welcomed us when others did not. Whole Foods Market sponsored us when others would not.  There is a reason why people are talking about us. There is a reason why the best known speakers are coming to Michigan to talk to us. There is a reason why change is in the air. Could it be our outreach programs? Our involvement with Wayne State Medical School? Our work with the Michigan legislature? High School Juniors and Seniors? Small Groups? The American Heart Association? And so much more? The answer is all of these. Who will be our future “Unsung Hero’s’? Consider making that YOU! Please “Say no to oil” and yes to PBNSG!