I am mystified as to why Plant-Based Nutrition is not more readily accepted

Dear Paul,
I just discovered your website. 
I am 63 and started the plant based diet on 12-01-2014. I am very grateful for it and to the doctors that have most influenced me, Esselstyn, Greger, McDougall, Ornish, and Barnard. I learned nearly all of it from YouTube videos and Dr. Greger’s website, nutritionfacts.org.
I am mystified as to why it is not more readily accepted.
I came across a website that promoted high protein and was appalled.
Do you or anyone else ever challenge this stuff?
I just can’t understand why the mainstream media is not picking up on it.
I have all I can do to keep myself from trying to persuade anyone I meet to adopt the diet. 

Mystified, thank you for finding us. We are up against some real giants. Hospitals, doctors, pharmaceutical  companies, meat and dairy industries just to name a few. We have science and proof they have the funding. We will challenge anything that is not truthful regarding Plant-Based Nutrition. The goal of our site is to be the nations Plant-Based Nutrition site for those who wish to learn, transition and feel healthier. I hope we get to meet someday. Check out our list of speakers that will be coming to our meetings to talk. Maybe you should make the trip? My best to you. Reach out anytime. Paul

Jeremy GlogowerComment