Pauls Interview with Sharon Palmer, RDN

Paul Chatlin was recently interviewed by Sharon Palmer, RDN. Here is a synopsis of the interview.

Sharon: Who is Paul Chatlin?

Paul: Paul Chatlin is the founder of the Plant-Based Nutrition Support Group.  He earned a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University. Paul currently is the principal and owner of a telecommunications consulting company.   Part of his mission in life is spreading the word of the benefits of plant-based nutrition.

Sharon: What is your Favorite Plant-Based Recipe and would you share it with us?

Paul: Its Oatmeal.  Sometimes I have it several times a day. Here's the Recipe:
Old Mother's oats
Handful of raisins or other dried fruit (make sure the dried fruit does not oil as an ingredient)
Flax Meal
More Mother's Oats on top
Any fruit of your choice, I like bananas, blueberries, and strawberries
1 cup of soy milk almost to boiling
Steep 10-15 mins
Cinnamon and nutmeg on top

Sharon: So tell us about your personal journey toward a plant-based diet.

Paul: In May of 2013, I was diagnosed with Heart Disease. One artery was 100% blocked and two others were 65% blocked, plus leaky valves and an enlarged heart, the hardening of the right side of my heart, left bundled block, and heart murmur. My cardiologist gave me two options: bypass surgery, or try “Plant Based Nutrition” (PBN). I met with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, who wrote the book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. After our meeting I decided to try “Plant-Based Nutrition”. After just 3 weeks my heart pain (angina) went away. My cholesterol levels dropped from 309 to 122 in just one year. I have lost 43 pounds and I feel great.

Sharon: What is the Plant-Based Nutrition Support Group? 

Paul: PBNSG shares whole food, plant-based resources with those interested in making lifestyle changes to help prevent or reverse chronic disease and achieve optimal health.

Sharon: Who are the key people involved with the PBNSG? 

Paul: Dr. Joel Kahn (Founding Medical Director and America’s Holistic Heart Doc
Dr.Caroline Trapp (Director Diabetes Education)
Our brilliant web designer, and all of our Directors and contributors,
Also of course our wonderful volunteers

Sharon: What do you hope the Plant-based Nutrition Support Group will accomplish in the next few years? 

Paul: To become the nation’s first choice in plant based education, information, and transition,  and to continue to grow our outreach programs.

Sharon: What are your top three resources that you recommend to people interested in more information on plant-based nutrition?

Paul: I have four. Our Website WWW.PBNSG.ORG
The book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn
Forks over knives, the movie and the website
The Whole Heart Solution by Joel Kahn

Sharon: What is your advice for someone who is interested in transitioning closer to a plant-based diet? 

Paul: Just do it for 60 days.  Be honest about how you feel.  Get your benchmark bloodwork ahead of time and after.  Don’t be upset if you have a weak moment, but don’t have too many weak moments or you’re not going to make a change.

Sharon: What is your favorite recipe to impress any skeptics? 

Paul: I have 2 answers for that. For home cooking It’s the same as my favorite recipe, Amazing Oatmeal.  
For dining out, try any plant based meals from 14 local restaurants that offer our special oil free plant based menus.  




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