The Gift of Heart Disease

To PBNSG current and future members, I have hope for a better tomorrow! We know by now that there are foods we eat each day are really hurting us. (I would like to say slowly killing us. Oh, I guess I just did) I spent the first 54 years of my life not knowing about them while consuming them. I thought that giving up meat for fish when I turned 50 was good for me. Wrong! I thought going from 2% milk to Fat Free milk was good for me. Wrong! Changed Vegetable oil to Olive oil. Thought it was the good oil. Wrong! Nuts were always ok to eat. Wrong!

So what happened? I was gifted Heart Disease.

I could go on with this for a while. I hope you get the theme. So what happened? I was gifted Heart Disease. I say gifted because if I did not have it I would not have learned how to stop and reverse it for me and others. The information was there, but why did I not know about it? Who did 3 years ago? My doctor did not tell me about it, my friends and family didn’t know about it. So it took chest pain that I would not want anyone to experience for me to learn about food-borne diseases. Our community is becoming aware of the plant-based solution which is great, but the message has to be sent out to more than a community here or there. Everyone must be aware that food choices directly contribute to the likelihood of developing a chronic disease. Some may change, some may not, but everyone has to be aware of it. I wish I could have a spot on television. I would explain what happened to my family (heart disease), what happened to me, and what could happen to you if you don’t change your eating habits. Why do we wait to change if we know that eating processed food, meat, dairy, and oil is bad for us? 

You can start today with small change that will net big results. Just try! Maybe start with saying good bye to oil? Give up some dairy products? Go meatless a few days a week? Just try! I promise you do not want to make changes after you get heart pains. If you want to start changing, do it today and not tomorrow. You are not alone anymore.  If you need any help please contact me at