After 1 ½ years of being Plant Perfect I decided in November 2014 to graduate to doctor status. I stopped taking my cholesterol medication and didn't tell anyone. That was always my goal anyways so when my cholesterol numbers went from 322 to 120 (LDL-70. HDL 50) I stopped taking it. I also wanted to gain 15-20 lbs. I did not like how I looked and family and friends kept asking me if I was ok all the time. I used to weigh 213 lbs. and in October 2014 I weighed 156 lbs. So what did this new doctor do? Eat twice as many potatoes and noodles and lift heavier weights at the gym. Over the next 4 1-2 months I saw my weigh grow to 176 lbs. that was good…but my cholesterol increased as well from 120 to 170. My doctor said that this is normal when someone stops taking cholesterol medication. Normal for some, not for me. I immediately went back to taking a cholesterol pill. I will post my next results in the next 3-5 months.

I have stopped doubling up on starches. I know I will lose some weight as I lower my cholesterol and expect that people will ask me “are you ok?” again. I have learned that what used to be important to me is no longer as important and that I am NOT a doctor. Eventually, I will ease off the cholesterol medication, but under my cardiologist's supervision. I will someday say goodbye to medication, but until then I will be glad I have today and stop worrying so much about what others think of my WFPB lifestyle - it's keeping me alive and playing tennis five times a week. See you on the court!