I am having a hard time falling asleep

Dear Dr. Rudolph,

I am having a hard time falling asleep.  I have to take Clozapine, and I am wondering if there is something natural I could take instead.

I really appreciate you and your work.




Hi Heather,

I'm happy I could help in some small way.

In regards to your follow up questions, it is not wise for any individual to stop taking clozapine on their own. This MUST be done with the help of a qualified physician. Many of the psychotropic medications may cause withdrawal symptoms and/or a re-occurrence or relapse of the treated medical condition so it is imperative you work with a physician on this.

Unfortunately, there are no OTC or herbals that I can recommend for sleep while taking clozapine due to the many interactions clozapine has with both medications and supplements.

I do have a page on sleep on my website that you may find some lifestyle tips to help with this - http://www.plantbasedpharmacist.com/lifestyle/sleep/

Please don't give up hope in regards to living with a mental illness. There are people and approaches to helping individuals with mental illness regain some sense of normalcy back. I have two physicians I usually refer people to when looking for answers to mental illness. You can find their information below:

Walter Jacobson, MD - https://walterjacobsonmd.com

Neil Nedley, MD - http://nedleyhealthsolutions.com/ or http://depressionthewayout.com

I hope you find this information of some assistance.

All my best,
Dustin Rudolph, PharmD