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Wait a second…. First, let’s talk about Fitness.

The first question should be: what is fitness? Fitness is the ability to perform. In general, being fit is thought of as being healthy, strong, and active. Having these characteristics would make you very fit to live and perform in your daily lives.

Unless stated otherwise, the word fitness is in context to living life.

The more fitness you have, the more you’re able to live life fully each day. This may mean being more efficient or feeling more joy, or any other measure indicating improved quality of life.


Introducing Kitchen Fitness

As a chef and nutritionist, I’m very interested in our ability to choose the foods that our best, and specifically our ability to “perform" in the kitchen.

I describe this ability as kitchen fitness.

1) consciously choose what we put in our mouths,

2) experience ease and efficiency when cooking, and

3) and be at peace with our diet.

Here’s my formal definition of kitchen fitness…

Kitchen Fitness (noun): the ability to efficiently and joyfully prepare delicious meals using fresh, whole foods.

By building our kitchen fitness, adopting and sustaining a whole food, plant-based diet becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Without kitchen fitness, eating healthy home-cooked meal is inconvenient, expensive, overly time-consuming, and the flavor is suboptimal. This is why cooking at home is generally not something Americans look forward to it—it’s often avoided, and sometimes even dreaded.

Without kitchen fitness, the only possible way to sustain a healthy diet over the long term is if you have someone else cooking for you, or you’re lucky enough to be able to eat out at high-quality restaurants with clean, plant-based options.

At Plantz St, our mission is to inspire and build kitchen fitness through cooking demos, hands-on classes, online trainings, and more.

The 5 Ingredients of Kitchen Fitness

When we talk about kitchen fitness we are not referring only to culinary skills. There are 5 elements of kitchen fitness, which are all essential in mastering the kitchen.

1. The KNOWLEDGE of whole foods and the culinary arts. It all begins with a solid foundational understanding.

2. The STRENGTH needed to perform optimally in the kitchen. It’s often overlooked but good posture, heavy lifting, and several individual techniques require substantial strength.

3. The SKILLS necessary to make delicious meals from whole foods. Knowledge comes from learning, but skill comes from experience and practice.

4. The FLEXIBILITY to successfully adjust recipes and prepare delicious meals from the food available—these may be the greatest indicators of a savvy chef.

5. The STAMINA to prevent fatigue after cooking from scratch, which gives you the opportunity to more fully enjoy your creation and guests.

By focusing on all 5 elements, Plantz St. can provide you with a comprehensive approach to building your kitchen fitness. We make the kitchen our powerhouse, with food fueling our journey to true health.

Now that you know WHAT kitchen fitness is, how would you describe YOUR kitchen fitness??

By Katie Mae, Owner of Plantz St. Culinary Gym (https://plantzst.com)